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Certificate Blunders May Mean the End For DigiNotar 128

Posted by timothy
from the web-of-trust-works-by-breaking dept.
Certificate Authority DigiNotar is having a rough time of it. dinscott writes with these words from Help Net Security: "After having its SSL and EVSSL certificates deemed untrustworthy by the most popular browsers, around 4200 qualified certificates — i.e. certificates used to create digital signatures — issued by the CA are currently in the process of being revoked and their holders notified of the fact by the Dutch independent post and telecommunication authority (OPTA). Starting from yesterday, OPTA has terminated the accreditation of DigiNotar as a certificate provider for 'qualified' certificates. The revocation of this accreditation also makes DigiNotar unqualified to issue certificates under the PKIoverheid CA."
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Certificate Blunders May Mean the End For DigiNotar

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