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Siemens SCADA Hacking Talk Pulled From TakeDownCon 104

Posted by timothy
from the but-motel-6-keeps-the-lights-on dept.
alphadogg writes "A planned presentation on security vulnerabilities in Siemens industrial control systems was pulled Wednesday over worries that the information in the talk was too dangerous to be released. Independent security researcher Brian Meixell and Dillon Beresford, with NSS Labs, had been planning to talk Wednesday at a Dallas security conference about problems in Siemens PLC systems, the industrial computers widely used to open and shut valves on factory floors and power plants, control centrifuges, and even operate systems on warships. But the researchers decided to pull the talk at the last minute after Siemens and the US Department of Homeland Security pointed out the possible scope of the problem."
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Siemens SCADA Hacking Talk Pulled From TakeDownCon

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