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RSA's Servers Hacked

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  • Would be nice if more stories here included a non hyped, rational explanation of the situation. Definitely appreciated the writeup from securosis.

    The recent Android browser vs iOS browser test could have used one, since the test was flawed, and there is a rational explanation for the difference between Mobile Safari and 3rd party apps tapping WebKit.

    Same for all the hyped stories out of Japan causing people to run for iodine tablets on the west coast of the US.

    In general I've become so skeptical of anything these days due to the echo chamber of the internet bouncing around hyped, panicked stories with no followup.

  • by jd (1658) <imipak@yahoo.cEINSTEINom minus physicist> on Thursday March 17, 2011 @09:26PM (#35525136) Homepage Journal

    I doubt it. The McEliese cryptosystem [] from 1978 is immune to attack even by quantum computers, whereas current quantum cryptography has already been broken and can be sampled without detection (if the sample rate is about the same as the noise in the system), but highly secure facilities are investing in QC, not McEliese. Why? Because nobody really cares that much, not at that level. Once you pass a certain point, people become far more vulnerable than technology, so improving the technology won't help security. All it might do is attract funding, which is why QC is so good - fully buzzword-compliant - and old tech that's superior is bad.

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