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Posted by Soulskill
from the has-its-own-goatee dept.
supernothing writes "DDoS attacks seem to be in vogue today, especially considering the skirmishes over WikiLeaks in the past few weeks. The size of a DDoS attacks, however, has historically been limited by how many computers one has managed to recruit into a botnet. These botnets almost universally require code to be executed on the participants' local systems, whether they are willing or unwilling. A new approach has been emerging recently, however, which uses some simple JavaScript to achieve similar ends. is a new service that utilizes these techniques, but provides a unique twist on the idea. Posing as a legitimate URL shortening service, it serves users the requested pages in an iFrame, while simultaneously participating in a DDoS attack in the background. No interaction is required beyond clicking the link and staying on the page. This makes it relatively trivial to quickly mount large-scale DDoS attacks, and affords willing participants plausible deniability in the assault."
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