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Virtualization Bug Security

VMware Bug Allowed Root Access ( 33

c4231 quotes Ars Technica: While everyone was screaming about Meltdown and Spectre, another urgent security fix was already in progress for many corporate data centers and cloud providers who use products from Dell's EMC and VMware units. A trio of critical, newly reported vulnerabilities in EMC and VMware backup and recovery tools -- EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance, and vSphere Data Protection -- could allow an attacker to gain root access to the systems or to specific files, or inject malicious files into the server's file system. These problems can only be fixed with upgrades. While the EMC vulnerabilities were announced late last year, VMware only became aware of its vulnerability last week.
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VMware Bug Allowed Root Access

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 14, 2018 @07:51PM (#55928807)

    I used to work at vmware. They have criminals in china doing most of the code. The code is "lost" now. The smart people who made it are all gone and they have very young engineers from china doing all the code. Its riddled with bugs and likely back doors. They also destroyed the Nicira team. Smart, talented SDN guys who are all gone. Now Nicira is more or less dead and the crap china code, NSX-V and the new crap china code, NSX-T is there. Its crap. And they cant make a single installer for all their crap. each of their products is totally disjointed. You cant find a SINGLE PERSON at vmware capable of installing all of their products. Try finding someone who can install FOUR. Lets alone all of them. Its a alot of chinese and desi engineers who are way too young to understand what they are building. the product managers are young bucks who sling marketing slides but never automation and code. Its a shame. I really think all the engineering talent is locked up with that psycho asshole bezos / scamazon, microsoft, google and alibaba and tencent. the rest of the IT shops are full of young obedient small minded desi and chinese slaves who "do whatever". the really smart engineers at google, fakebook, scamazon, microsoft and google might be smarter but they willfully implement horrible evil plans for the love of money. the NSX+ESXi+vpshere on scamazon truly sucks, its double locking, lockin to scamazon and then locking to the horrible NSX apis for doing networking crap. if you can call them APIs. In reality NSX forces most configuration to do CLICK OPS, not really automated. Disgusting. vmware is a burnt out husk of what it used to be. tsarkon reports

    • take your meds

      • More like, shut off your bot.

        I bet you money I could make a bot that writes text like that, in a weekend.

    • by swb ( 14022 )

      I can't comment on the internals of VMware, but as a longtime user and vendor I feel like VMware went off the rails a few years ago. I think once they had a lot of SMB penetration the MBA geniuses knew growth was going to stall and they moved into the "tools and extensions" mode where they pushed all the add-ons...which maybe only bigger customers buy.

      The few we installed always sucked, a weird mix of appliance VMs, Windows services, etc, and much of it was a mish-mash of configuration in vCenter web and W

      • I think much of this was fueled by the $1 Billion VMware Nicira buy. It alienated their partnership with Cisco and VCE and was poor strategy. It's like nobody realized that their user base couldn't figure understand what an MTU mismatch was, let alone handle a network issues caused by layers of poorly written software on broken hardware.

        That stated you don't need to use vCenter to change DVS ports to get vCenter up - you /can/ do it in the CLI and you should be using ephemeral port allocation for the vCente

        • by swb ( 14022 )

          No, I was referring to specific situations where you find yourself needing to make a change in vCenter to support a vCenter recovery step.

          IMHO, vCenter is a real house of cards for VMware environments. There are kind of workarounds, like running multiple clusters with vCenter running in the "other" cluster, frequent cloning/replication, etc, but none of them really solve the core problem that vCenter is 8 gallons of shit in a 4 gallon pail.

          I like the fact that host installs are pretty lightweight (ie for i

  • now if ESXI get's ceph I may just use them for the next new cluster

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.