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Hackers Aligned With Vietnam Government Are Attacking Foreign Companies ( 19

A hacker group "aligned with Vietnamese government interests" carried out attacks on corporate companies, journalists and overseas governments over the past three years, according to a report from cyber security firm FireEye. FireEye, which works with large companies to secure their assets from cyber threats, said it has tracked at least 10 separate attacks from the group -- referred to as OceanLotus, or APT32 -- since 2014. Targets included members of the media, and private and public sector organizations from across Germany, China, the U.S., the Philippines, the UK and Vietnam itself, according to the report. From an article: APT refers to advanced persistent threat -- one that involves a continuous hacking process using sophisticated techniques that exploit vulnerabilities within a network. Nick Carr, a senior manager at FireEye's Mandiant team that responds to threats and incidents, told CNBC what set APT32 apart from other groups was the kind of information the hackers were looking for within a company's breached network. "Several cases here, it appears APT32 was conducting intrusions to investigate the victims' operations and assess their adherence to regulations," Carr said. "That's where it starts to be really unusual and is a significant departure from the wide-scale intellectual property theft and espionage that you see from a Chinese group, or political espionage or information operations from a Russian group." To be clear, the attacks carried out by APT32 are unrelated to the WannaCry ransomware that has hit 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries since Friday.
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Hackers Aligned With Vietnam Government Are Attacking Foreign Companies

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  • A recruiter sent me to FireEye to figure out why the hiring manager kept rejecting highly qualified job candidates in 2014. I went in, had the interview, and reported back. The company was in pre-IPO mode, which means they were extra sensitive about doing anything that might jeopardize the IPO. The hiring manager wanted a computer engineer at a help desk tech rate. I didn't get the job since I was asking for $50K per year and they wanted to pay $20K per year. Don't know if they ever filled that position.
  • Wait, what?! Vietnam? As in, "Viet-fuckin'-NAM"? Like in Forrest Gump -- THAT Vietnam?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    This shouldn't surprise anyone but it is definitely interesting news. If your competition gets buried in regulatory fines and other burdens to its operation, it may be the edge you needed. If your company is playing by the rules and your competition is not adhering to the same rules, it is hardly fair competition. Hacking into another companies computer systems is illegal but so is not following business regulations. It doesn't surprise me a company would just to discredit their competition.

    Airing out someo

  • Hackers Aligned With Vietnam Government

    You wouldn't say "China government" or "France government." The word is "Vietnamese."

    You also wouldn't capitalise "Aligned" or "With" if you were writing like a normal person... down with title case!

  • Please do not repeat this neocon BS on this technology forum.
  • I'm not saying it's good or even justified but it's not surprising the Vietnamese government is a little paranoid about outsiders considering what foreigners have done to them, within living memory.

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