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Avast Not Done With Deal-Making After AVG Buy, But No Rush ( 15

Avast Software, maker of the world's most popular computer antivirus program, will need a year to absorb its $1.3 billion buy of rival AVG but may seek further acquisitions before an expected flotation, its chief executive said in an interview, according to Reuters. From a report: Prague-based Avast closed its purchase on Friday of AVG Technologies, another software firm with Czech roots specializing in consumer security. The combined company will have over 400 million users and 40 percent of the consumer computer market outside of China. While Avast will delist AVG shares, it has its own plans to eventually offer shares, maybe as soon as 2019. Before that, it must fully integrate AVG and will then look at mid-tier acquisitions for its push into mobile and, possibly, to expand its small- and medium-sized business offering. "We have to digest AVG first and that is going to take us pretty much all of 2017 to really integrate. Then we will look at expanding the business after that," Avast CEO Vincent Steckler said.
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Avast Not Done With Deal-Making After AVG Buy, But No Rush

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  • by TimothyHollins ( 4720957 ) on Friday September 30, 2016 @10:05AM (#52988609)

    It be time to plunder the competition, yarr!

  • "Avast Not Done With Deal-Making After AVG Buy, But No Rush "

    Wait-- they were going to buy Rush []?? Is Rush even still around?

    Probably just as well not to buy them, unless they can get a deal with Kansas and maybe Bon Jovi or something.

  • a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a larger, more popular, competitor, by nixing the 'registration' requirement for the free version, ending the misleading "renewal" and "upgrade" screens, and knocking-off the crap trialware and bundleware.


    which free antivirus, besides microsoft's, doesn't constantly nag you or require "registration"? is there even any left once avg kicks the bucket?

  • I recommended Avast from, like, 1998 to 2010ish but for a couple of years now I just tell people to install the MS thing and that's it.
    • I've been using the free version of Avast for the last 5 years. The last time I looked Avast scored highly in A/V tests, plus it also seems to have robust email virus detection. Windows Defender works well and it has been progressively getting better but I believe that its still behind most of the other A/V products. Plus, I trust Avast to discover viruses and update the detection files quicker than Microsoft.

      Granted, Avast does come with some non-essential modules, but they are easily uninstalled or dis

  • This is aggravating news. I've been loyal to AVG since they were the first company to market a 64-bit consumer security package. I stopped using Avast because it's control structure was Baroque and difficult to customize, in some cases impossible. If this means the AVG software is going to go the way of eMagic, then I will be pissed. I just bought a new laptop and am looking forward to deleting the Fascist Norton software from it and install AVG. Now, I'm not sure what the future holds. Shit.

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