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Scammy Tech Support Sites Now Serving Up Ransomware ( 43

itwbennett writes: One holds your files hostage, the other overcharges to fix nonexistent computer problems. And now they may be working together. On one scammy tech support site seen by Symantec, an iframe hidden on the page redirected to the Nuclear exploit kit, a popular one used to spread malware. What is unclear is whether the people running tech support scams are working with those who create and rent out the use of exploit kits and associated infrastructure or if the tech support websites have been compromised in order to redirect visitors to exploit kits. Either way, it could add up to a very big headache for anyone who falls for the scam.
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Scammy Tech Support Sites Now Serving Up Ransomware

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  • People buy alarms for houses and cars and maintain them. People buy dogs and run out and get help training them.

    Then there are the people that don't care about maintenance or learning how to maintain - and that's why a system that just restores factory fresh with the touch of a coupe of buttons is the best option for them.

    Frankly, as having been the "go to" family member to fix this crap - after 20 years, I'm sorta glad that they just reset their stuff and leave me alone.

  • "On one scammy tech support site .. an iframe hidden on the page redirected to the Nuclear exploit kit, a popular one used to spread malware"

    Are you not allowed to tell us what Desktop Operating System platform this maware runs on.
  • Going to a scamming site for tech support will actually ensure you need some...!
  • by scdeimos ( 632778 ) on Thursday December 03, 2015 @02:45AM (#51047427)

    Loading your Community Experience

    Fuck your community experience, I just want to read the blog entry. Javascript required? No thanks.

  • Amazing. It's like you imagine the scam tech support criminals would draw the line at ransomware, and the ransomware criminals would find tech support scamming morally beyond the pale. And never the two shall meet!

    They're criminals. Is it really such a surprise they will employ any method available to steal money from their victims?

  • by chris-chittleborough ( 771209 ) on Thursday December 03, 2015 @09:01AM (#51048439) Journal

    The Symantec article uses the acronym PUA for "potentially unwanted application".
    I wish they had used the word "software" instead of "application".

  • If you've ever had the privilege of talking to one of these ESL scammer techs, you can hear them working in a loud call center. This leads me to believe that there is either a huge office building where people go to work as criminals, or they are actually support technicians working outsourced jobs for Big Software, and are doing the scamming on the side for extra coin. I could just be overthinking this and they're just some guy sitting in a smoky room playing a "call center sounds, compilation 3" cassette

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