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Video You Don't Need to Start as a Teen to be an Ethical Hacker (Video) 56

Meet Justin Whitehead. While a lot of his contemporaries were going to college, he became an Airborne soldier. After that he went to college, became an IT technian, got some experience as a Computer Forensic Analyst, and met people who looked like they were having a good time as penetration testers. So he took some recommended classes,got hired by One World Labs, and last week at B-Sides Austin, he and coworker Antonio Herraiz gave a talk titled 'Spanking the monkey/How pen testers can do it better.

Justin is 40, an age where a lot of people in the IT game worry about being over the hill and unemployable. But Justin's little video talk should give you hope -- whether you're a mature college student, have a stalled IT career or are thinking about a career change but want to keep working with computers and IT in general. It seems that there are decent IT-related jobs out there even if you're not a youngster; and even if you didn't start working with computers until you were in your 20s or 30s.
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You Don't Need to Start as a Teen to be an Ethical Hacker (Video)

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  • The title could be reworded to "Masturbation/How pen testers can do it better."

    I think I'll skip that video. Thanks.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    People who get into security for a paycheck are not hackers, they're security professionals. Hackers are people who do it on their own time, for its own sake. It's not tinkering if you're getting paid for it. Just a semantic nuisance that annoys me, as a non-hacker, and a security professional, but also as someone who has been around REAL hackers for 20 years. If I was independently wealthy, I would not spend my time "hacking," because I am not a hacker. Security is a job to me.

    Calling security professional

  • You Don't Need to Start as a Teen to be an Ethical Hacker

    You don't need to start as a teen to be anything. You have to start as a baby like everyone else.

  • Please, PLEASE, put noobs like this in charge of important stuff we want to hack... PLEASE. Just sayin'
  • Mega-props for the lyrics. I haven't seen that in tech circles, well, ever. And now, "C-130 rollin' down the strip, 64 Rangers on a one-way trip, mission top-secret, destination unknown, ..."
  • Where is it? Let's not further exclude the deaf from the internet, daily life is marginalization enough.

  • It became too late to become an ethical hacker when the FBI started bullying people into working for them. "Here, come disrupt your life no matter the consequences to you or your family, or we'll destroy your life." Screw that. Some fields can't pay enough to be worth their risk. When story after story about the people who can hack involve their being bullied by their government, it's just not worth it to learn those skills.

    Or at least this is my impression. If I'm wrong, then it might help if elect

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