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BlackBerry Delays Launch of BBM Apps For iOS, Android 54

USA Today reports: "BlackBerry on Saturday hit pause on the rollout of iPhone and Android apps for its popular BlackBerry Messenger mobile social messaging service after an unreleased version of the Android app was posted online. That version saw 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours, the company said, but the unofficial version "caused issues," which the company continued to address throughout the day. The company did not specify what the issues were."
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BlackBerry Delays Launch of BBM Apps For iOS, Android

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  • by hessian ( 467078 ) on Sunday September 22, 2013 @02:45AM (#44916085) Homepage Journal

    Transitioning from hardware/software company to software company making products for former competitor's hardware is at least a business plan, which is more than RIM has had for years.

    • by jbolden ( 176878 )

      They had a business plan. Create a phone that was better than Android and iOS for their existing base. They sort of failed but they had a plan.

  • The one part of Blackberry's business that might be attractive to an outside buyer is its secure email hosting. If they can't even get that right with iOS & Android apps, what's left? Truly this is a zombie company with both of its arms falling off. The demise of BB hardware could be blamed in part to 'market forces,' but BB has no one to blame for the failure of its software developers and managers.

    • there are have already got a lot of similar apps, what is BBM's lightpoint
    • Secure email hosting is not worth anyone buying because so many other competitors can do it. It's not rocket science to run an IMAP or Exchange server.

      The one piece of IP BLackberry has that someone is going to buy and roll out as a going concern is their Mobile Device Management platform, Blackberry Fusion. Not a lot of people know this exists because it is not a piece of consumer-facing technology, but Blackberry has a very excellent cross-device MDM platform that can manage and provision Android, iPhone,

  • The unspecified issues is that their infrastructure can't handle that many users.

    Don't forget to tip your waiter!

    • Which is really the reminder BB doesn't need right now that their fancy secret sauce layer (while essential back when they were cramming actually-workable email into dumbphone specs, and still arguably superior to other vendors' fancy secret sauce layers), is just another thing to pay a monthly fee for, forever, and occasionally incur outages because of.

      In a world where your phone can just talk to the mail/XMPP/whatever server like the real computer that it is, having a fancy extra transmogrification lay
      • by jbolden ( 176878 )

        On iOS you have iCloud
        On Android you have Google services
        Everyone is doing MDM

        There is plenty of play for that intermediate layer. I can easily see a 2013 version of BES being an amazing feature that people would flock to the phone for. The problem is BlackBerry doesn't have that. They have a 2005 version of BES slightly updated.

  • Maybe it didn't have the NSA/GCHQ backdoor
  • If BBM is so popular... why are they laying off 4,000 people?

    • they don't need 4000 people to support BBM??
      • they don't need 4000 people to support BBM??

        It must not be that popular, then. If a billion people were using it, like iOS, they'd likely need more than 4,000 people to support it.

  • by Murdoch5 ( 1563847 ) on Sunday September 22, 2013 @07:10AM (#44916851)
    They wonder why they have to lay 4500 people off. This is exactly how Blackberry works, they set a deadline and then miss it completely.
  • I must say, it's noble of RIM to give their existing customers a better way of smoothly transitioning from their existing platform to Android or iOS.

  • Sabotage? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Espectr0 ( 577637 ) on Sunday September 22, 2013 @11:19AM (#44917833) Journal

    The conspiracy theorist ideas inside me tell me sabotage may be involved. I don't buy that a beta version caused server issues that prompted to halt the rollout.

    40% of the company was canned.

    The ios version (which i got by creating an Australia account) also had issues with connecting, which is expected. I don't think Blackberry was ready for this.

  • So if you have an android or an iPhone you get BB messenger for free but if you have an actual blackberry device without BB data plan then no BB messenger for you.
    Way to go with the old customers Blackberry.
    The least you could do was allow BB messenger without BB data plan.

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