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Pwnie Awards 2013 Winners: Barnaby Jack, Edward Snowden, Hakin9, Evad3rs 41

hypnosec writes "Winners of the Pwnie Awards 2013 were announced at a special event during the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. The highlight of the awards were Edward Snowden, Hakin9 and Barnaby Jack. Barnaby Jack was given posthumous Pwnie award for 'lifetime achievement' while Edward Snowden and the NSA were jointly given the award of 'Epic 0wnage'. Hakin9 on the other hand was awarded 'Most Epic FAIL'. Best Privilege Escalation Bug award went to David Wang aka planetbeing and the Evad3rs team."
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Pwnie Awards 2013 Winners: Barnaby Jack, Edward Snowden, Hakin9, Evad3rs

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  • You morons (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 04, 2013 @09:37AM (#44469629)

    Nmap didn't get the Pwnie for Most Epic FAIL. The Pwnie was awarded to Hackin9, which accepted and published an autogenerated article called "Nmap: The Internet Considered Harmful - DARPA Inference Cheking Kludge Scanning". Publishing bullshit without reading, questioning or understanding, now where have I seen that before? You fucking morons.

  • by WWWWolf ( 2428 ) <> on Sunday August 04, 2013 @09:44AM (#44469655) Homepage

    Hakin9 is a magazine that's not exactly too reputable [].

    It looks like someone took a paper "written" using SciGen [] and submitted it to them []. Because they didn't read the paper at all, they didn't notice it was absolute bullshit courtesy of finest context-free grammars people could code.

    Brilliant work - not only is SciGen great for busting less than reputable scientific publications that don't exactly value this "peer review" thing, but now it has busted security magazines too.

  • Quote:
    "Edward Snowden's leak of NSA secrets was an epic example of the insider threat to information security, while his revalations convinced many that the entire Internet is thoroughly and epicly owned!"

    Nicely put.

    As for Nmaps Most Epic FAIL, anyone understand that?

  • I have been curious for awhile: does the term pwned, and Pwnie award, stem at all from the "OMG Pink Ponies" April first slashdot gag from a few years ago? The Pwnie awards does show a pink pony on their front page. Or does the term predate all that?

    Really just curious, hope this isn't too off topic.
    • The definition in Urban Dictionary [] covers it well.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by cybernanga ( 921667 )

      Long, long ago in the murky and misty history of the early internet, a young script kiddie, (most likely with an overinflated ego), tragically mistyped "Owned", probably due to having excessively greasy fingers, as is common with many basement-dwelling connoisseurs of junk-food.

      Instead of "Owning" his opponent, he "Pwned" himself!

      Word spread rapidly, generating much mirth in the community, and a meme was born.

      • Back in the days of netnews, store-and-forward email, private dialup BBSes, and a far lower proportion of script kiddies in cracker circles, there was concern that the government would be able to monitor (or already was monitoring) a larightrge amount of the Internet - netnews, mail, BBSes, etc., - and handle the volume by using keyword-searching software. (Snowden's recent revelations show their concerns were correct - through PERHAPS a bit early.) So some among the computer underground began obfuscating

  • by Cyfun ( 667564 ) on Sunday August 04, 2013 @11:19AM (#44470057) Homepage

    Turns out they took the award from Hackin9 and gave it to Slashdot for their beautifully ironic quality of editing.

  • Is this not the conference where they held a bake off to see which browsers and platforms withstood hacking attempts? I can't find any updates on their site about that.

  • They could have made Edward Snowden's award posthumous as well, as his old life is pretty much over.

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