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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Expands MAPP, Shares Attack Data With Incident Responders 18

Trailrunner7 writes "Microsoft is expanding its MAPP program that shares attack and protection information with other security vendors and will now be sharing some data with incident responders, as well. The new system will enable organizations such as CERTs and internal IR teams to exchange information on specific attacks and general threats. Now, Microsoft is expanding and changing the MAPP program so that more people will have access to some of the data and the information will be available earlier. Until now, MAPP members get access to patch data 24 hours before the release. Microsoft will be giving that information to MAPP companies three business days before Patch Tuesday going forward. The new MAPP for Responders program is an extension of the existing system and is designed to allow incident response teams to share information among themselves and to benefit from the threat intelligence that Microsoft has, as well."
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Microsoft Expands MAPP, Shares Attack Data With Incident Responders

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  • "Microsoft is also putting Azure cloud to work via the MAPP Scanner program, which uses Redmond's servers to scan Office documents, PDF files, flash movies, and URLS for potential malicious content .. The scanner works by spinning up VMs for every supported version of Windows, and opens the content in all supported versions of the appropriate application, then looks for signs of a threat."

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