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Microsoft, FBI Takedown Citadel Botnet 58

hypnosec writes "Microsoft in collaboration with the FBI have successfully taken down the Citadel botnet which was known to control millions of PCs across the globe and was allegedly responsible for bank fraud in excess of $500 million. Citadel was known to have over 1,400 instances across the globe with most located in the US, Europe, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. It would install key-logging tools on target systems, which were then used to steal online banking credentials."
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Microsoft, FBI Takedown Citadel Botnet

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  • Great start but (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Call me when they take down the bankers who have illegally laundered trillions of dollars in the LIBOR scandal.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Please mod the parent down as much as possible. This has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

      He's probably also one of those Tea Party terrorist faggots that think the government should serve the people instead of the other way around. Fuck him. Get his post down to -2 and delete it ASAP.

    • by murdocj ( 543661 )

      Call me when they take down the slashthinkers who don't do anything useful themselves but feel free to denigrate those who do.

  • Windows update (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jader3rd ( 2222716 ) on Thursday June 06, 2013 @06:57PM (#43930959)
    The FBI should use the C&C servers to force the machines to run Windows Update and clean the machines of the virus. The users obviously don't want to take care of their own machine, and if something goes wrong they'll know that they had a virus.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      on the phone and lead them thru the process of cleaning up their infected machine.

      That worked perfectly when they called me :-)

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      Never mind what they should do, what are they doing, now they have a back door into all these PCs?

    • by slacka ( 713188 )

      While these "successful takedowns" are great PR, the dirty secret is that by only taking down the C&C servers, the zomie machines just end up under different servers. MS has no issue applying updates without user permission to healthy PCs, so why not clean these infected ones? That would actually do some long term damage to these bot nets.

  • On *Windows* target systems, you mean.

  • out of the banks hands and put right back into the economy by the perps. Nothings to see, move along....

  • It seems I'm the only one who questions such things, but:

    On whose authority was this action pursued?

    Since when does the FBI or MSFT or RIAA or MPAA or North Korea or Anonymous or [etc] have a right to diddle with others computers?

    What gives them (for any incarnation of "them") the authority to modify privately-owned computers?

    If it's for the indiscriminate greater good, then that seems more like military action...which I don't think the FBI is authorized to deal with, and certainly not any private US-based

    • Where has authority been assumed? The way botnets are taken down is the control nodes are eliminated, not that the infected machines are cleaned - in this case, the control servers may be gone but the end user machines are still infected, they just have nothing controlling them anymore.

      The FBI and Microsoft get warrants and court authority which allows them to sieze and control digital assets that disrupts the control nodes, such as domain names, hosting space, IP routes, servers etc - they never touch the

      • by adolf ( 21054 )

        Who owns the control nodes? Who determines whether or not they are end-user machines?

        What authority do they have to disrupt them?

        (Also: In the US, corporations may not petition for warrants. If you think otherwise, I'm done with this conversation with you.)

        • Who gives a fuck whether they are end user machines or not, they are control nodes and that is enough to target them.

          And I never said Microsoft on their own petitioned for a warrant, thats why they involved the FBI and thats why I said "the FBI and Microsoft..." .

          And it just so happens that the court gives them the authority to disrupt them. Obviously.

          • by adolf ( 21054 )

            What court?

            What warrant?


            (No, it's not obvious.)

  • Takedown is a noun.
    Take down is the phrasal verb your title is looking for.

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