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Unconventional Adversaries vs. Conventional Wisdom (Video) 21

This presentation was given by Joshua Corman at CodenomiCON 2012 in Las Vegas, an invitation-only security mini-conference sponsored by the pen-testing company Codenomicon that ran concurrently with Black Hat USA 2012. Josh is Director, Security Intelligence, for Akamai, and is one of the instigators of Rugged Software. He sympathizes with Anonymous more than with corporate or government forces that are determined to bring order to everything, including the Internet, on their terms. We have no transcript for this video since we only have permission to embed it, not to alter or add to it. But it's well worth watching, including the accompanying slides. And if Joshua Corman is speaking anywhere near you, it's well worth your time to go see him.

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Unconventional Adversaries vs. Conventional Wisdom (Video)

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  • shitty write-up (Score:2, Informative)

    by heptapod ( 243146 )
    • Thanks for adding value. :-/

      I like this talk. I thought I might be the only security professional who hadn't been co-opted by a purely statist, law-enforcement mind-set. Blow it out your "fusion center"! :-)

    • Hey gang! lets put on a show, everybody meet me at yutoob.
  • WTF? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 07, 2012 @01:14PM (#41262275)

    "We have no transcript for this video since we only have permission to embed it, not to alter or add to it." So don't alter it -- transcribe it!

    • by Jeng ( 926980 )

      Yes, but throwing your hands up in the air and declaring yourself incompetent is so much easier though.

      Btw, have they ever included a transcript for video submissions? I know I have bitched about it on many occasions.

    • by 1u3hr ( 530656 )
      "no transcript for this video since we only have permission to embed it, not to alter or add to it."

      Bollocks.You don't need "permission" to describe something in a news story. If they want to give you a hard time, tell them to fuck off and promote their video somewhere else.

  • This is a terribly written summary! What's the video about? The only sentence that tells is the middle one, and it is vague. Here is a rewritten summary, putting facts in the order that a reader needs to know them:

    Order should not be brought to the Internet, said Josh Corman, Director of Security Intelligence at Akamai, in this talk at CodenomiCON 2012, in Las Vegas. (Transcript unavailable, due to licensing.)

    That's the best I can do based on the facts in the summary. I could watch the video and come up with a better one, but I'm not sure it's worth 20 minutes of my time.

    • I'm not sure if it's worth twenty minutes of your time either. It depends upon how much you like having a clue. If you are into security then it is well worth IMNSHO.
    • It's about two new classes of security threats, Anonymous and "Persistent Adversaries" aka government sponsored attacks.

      There's a nice point in the middle that if you and your buddy are being chased by a bear, you only have to be faster than your buddy. Not anymore. Now there's lots of bears, you're drenched in bacon fat, you poked a few bears in the eye to piss them off, and you only have one decoy buddy. Oops.

  • We have no transcript for this video since we only have permission to embed it, not to alter or add to it.

    Then what good are you?

  • by mha ( 1305 ) on Friday September 07, 2012 @04:02PM (#41265843) Homepage

    I wanted to wait for some feedback here before watching this, but after actually going to the ( URL I realized that I had watched this exact video only two hours ago, before seeing it on /.

    Let me just say that if you like the stuff on, especially from Long Now, than this video will be worth your time. The presenter is witty, the arguments make sense, and it is overall a pretty good presentation both in content and in style (HOW is it presented).

    It is well balanced (not Fox News style :-) ), not crazy one-sided, and mostly about possible developments and dangers in where IT is going: who owns stuff, who has control? An example which already happened, there was an automated garage and since there was a dispute ab out payments between the makers of that garage and the owner by remote-control they shut down the garage, taking 300 cars hostage. In that context, there will be more and more implants with embedded IT inside YOUR body, from pace makers to other stuff. The video is MUCH MUCH better than my pityful summary though :)

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