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Researchers Say Kelihos Gang Is Building New Botnet 110

alphadogg writes "The cyber-criminal gang that operated the recently disabled Kelihos botnet has already begun building a new botnet with the help of a Facebook worm, according to security researchers from Seculert. Security experts from Kaspersky Lab, CrowdStrike, Dell SecureWorks and the Honeynet Project, announced that they took control of the 110,000 PC-strong Kelihos botnet on Wednesday using a method called sinkholing. That worm has compromised over 70,000 Facebook accounts so far and is currently distributing a new version of the Kelihos Trojan."
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Researchers Say Kelihos Gang Is Building New Botnet

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  • by mspohr ( 589790 ) on Sunday April 01, 2012 @07:12PM (#39544195)

    Another reason I'm glad I don't use Facebook or Windows.

    • by SJHillman ( 1966756 ) on Sunday April 01, 2012 @07:22PM (#39544243)

      As a previous poster pointed out, trojans care not if it's Windows, Linux, Mac OSX or BSD because the user is the weak link, not the OS. All you need is 1) a trojan for that OS and 2) a user that gives the trojan permissions - most infections I've come across on Windows lately do not have administrator permissions unless the user does. Likewise, Facebook isn't so much the weak link as users are because they'll click on anything.

      • If thieves only targeted a certain model of car because it was very popular and therefor the parts valuable (which is actually the case) you would still be doing yourself a favor by avoiding that model of car, even if you were diligent about where you parked it and buying a security system for it.
      • by mspohr ( 589790 )

        So why does this only infect Windows? Are Linux and Mac users smarter? Are all Facebook users incredibly stupid? Do only Linux and Mac users realize that it's stupid to type in your password for some random software? Are only Windows users smart enough to remember their administrator passwords? Does god hate Windows? Do the people who write trojans hold a particularly low opinion of Windows users? Are they trying to educate Windows users? Is that possible? I know a few Windows users and they don't s

        • by grcumb ( 781340 )
          I have mod points, but tragically there's no +1 troll option.
        • by dkf ( 304284 )

          So why does this only infect Windows? Are Linux and Mac users smarter?

          I suspect that there are a few reasons for targeting Windows.

          1. Low-intelligence users (who also tend to have reduced spending power) gravitate to cheap available pre-built hardware running the default OS. That points to Windows.
          2. Windows was historically bad at security, so blackhats gained a lot of experience there. This has got to be a major factor and it can't be helped now.
          3. Windows is much better at security now, but Microsoft hasn't quite got the usability of security right. There are just a few too many s
      • by Tom ( 822 )

        As a previous poster pointed out, trojans care not if it's Windows, Linux, Mac OSX or BSD because the user is the weak link, not the OS.

        True in theory.

        Real life begs to differ, though. Geeks regularily forget about real life. In your head, your password policy grants your users great passwords at a theoretical complexity of 10^18. In real life, the actual complexity is closer to 10^7 due to patterns.

        Same with the trojans and other malware. Yes, theoretically some classes of malware could be just as easily targeted on OS X or Linux. In reality, though, OS X has about 15% market share and less than 1% virus share, while Linux has 5% market sh

  • seems prime for that.. with the average smart user there having the i.q. of a 90s aol'er.

  • Anonymous (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday April 01, 2012 @08:25PM (#39544721)

    We all knew Anonymous would strike again. Why aren't the authorities doing something about these criminals?

    Maybe what we need to do is make it so that nobody can access the internet without supplying a sample of their DNA. And then make it so that all communications from the user to the internet are logged in an extremely verbose manner, and have a system of spy networks at the ready to detect subversive behavior. The governments could intentionally put things like porn or questionable books like Fahrenheit 451, 1984, or The Diary of Anne Frank on the internet and then arrest civilians when they try to access them.

    I wish I were in a position of power where I could institute a program like that in the United States of America. For too long we have strayed from the Lord's Path, and we need a true leader to bring this country back in the right direction.

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