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Chaos Communication Congress Releases Talks 15

First time accepted submitter jehan60188 writes with this excerpt from an article from Hack a Day: "The 28th Annual Chaos Communication Congress just wrapped things up on December 31st and they've already published recordings of all the talks at the event. These talks were live-streamed, but if you didn't find time in your schedule to see all that you wanted, you'll be happy to find your way to the YouTube collection of the event. The topics span a surprising range. We were surprised to see a panel discussion on depression and suicide among geeks ... which joins another panel called Queer Geeks, to address some social issues rather than just hardcore security tech. But there's plenty of that as well with topics on cryptography, security within web applications, and also a segment on electronic currencies like Bitcoins.'" The CCC wiki has a list of mirrors with downloads in multiple formats (including WebM).
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Chaos Communication Congress Releases Talks

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