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Microsoft Disables Kelihos Botnet 94 94

Trailrunner7 writes with an excerpt from an article in Threatpost: "Continuing its legal assault on botnet operators and the hosting companies that the criminals use for their activities, Microsoft has announced new actions against a group of people it contends are responsible for the operation of the Kelihos botnet. The company has also helped to take down the botnet itself and says that Kelihos's operators were using it not only to send out spam and steal personal information but also for some more nefarious purposes."
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Microsoft Disables Kelihos Botnet

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  • by bloodhawk (813939) on Tuesday September 27, 2011 @04:49PM (#37531668)

    Bullshit. If you can just click on an email and this leads to your system being rooted, there's something fundamentally wrong with the software architecture. Same goes for ads on websites. There should never be any way of executing arbitrary code from an email or web site.

    No their isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the software architecture. A vast majority of users are morons, the OS can prompt you to say what you are doing is dangerous, stupid (as windows already does) and users will STILL say yes show me that naked photo of XYZ by running dodgy.exe for me. You simply can't patch stupidity unless you create a highly controlled environment where the user doesn't have the right to run whatever they want.

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