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Rogue Anti-Malware Pushes Fake PCMag Review 90

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the well-now-isn't-that-clever dept.
Varzil found an interesting story about some "Rogue Anti-Malware" (which seems to me should just be called 'Malware') which modifies your HOSTS file to trick you into reading a fake anti-virus review which is of course for more malware. Modifying HOSTS is an old trick, but this is interesting because it's actually trying to get you to read fake content: normally this sort of trick is used to prevent you from fixing your computer, but this one is trying to get you to break it even more. I guess friends don't let friends modify their HOSTS files.
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Rogue Anti-Malware Pushes Fake PCMag Review

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  • by Vectronic (1221470) on Thursday February 19, 2009 @02:11PM (#26920319)

    Sad, but true... although somewhat understandable considering that an Anti-Virus primary function is to battle viruses, not ad-ware/malware.

    Could just as easily say "I like that products such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus are ten times more effective at taking care of that than any anti-malware product out there"

    However, the "suites" (ie: Firewall + AntiVirus + Ad/spyware, etc) are generally getting better at it.

    Also, their (the nasty people) gimmick is still rather effective, because the average user doesn't know the difference between malware/adware/virus/trojan/port:80/hijacker/psu... their little advertisements can say "You have malware, get this anti-virus software to fix it, it will extend the life of your PSU"... and then go "oh, ok"...

  • by Bushido Hacks (788211) on Thursday February 19, 2009 @02:13PM (#26920341) Homepage Journal
    Call it something similar to the story of the Emperior who has no clothes, but have you ever wondered when watching a commerical with a bogus product they say "We've been featured on CNN, Fox News, and Oprah"? Because they are ADVERTIZING in the commerical breaks that are on CNN, Fox News, and Oprah.

    Why are we supposed to believe that just because they bought advertizing time in the commerical breaks of networks and TV shows that they were actually endorsed or had an interview featuring their product?

    When was the last time you saw Oprah endorse the MagickJack or Vince Offer (the Sham-Wow guy) talk to Larry King in person? It is because it never happened.

    Many networks broker their commericals through an advertising firm. Which explains why alot of shady businesses (e.g. the WorkAtHome46dotcom folks and the Obama Coin scammers []) are on Television.

    Had the 419 scammers [] been more successful, they would have had TV commericals or establish a shell business posing as a bad bank.

    The best advice would be not to buy it.

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