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Friday February 02, 2018 @12:12AM New Zero-Day Vulnerability Found In Adobe Flash Player
Monday October 16, 2017 @03:21PM Kaspersky Lab Finds Flash Vulnerability Through Microsoft Word
Saturday October 14, 2017 @05:41PM Not Just Equifax. Rival Site Transunion Served Malware Too -- and 1,000 More Sites
Thursday October 12, 2017 @11:38AM Equifax Takes Web Page Offline After Reports of New Cyber Attack
Thursday October 12, 2017 @10:21AM Equifax Website Hacked Again, this Time To Redirect To Fake Flash Update
Tuesday August 08, 2017 @09:03AM Firefox 55 Arrives With WebVR on Windows, Performance Panel, and Click-to-Play Flash
Sunday July 30, 2017 @02:49PM Petition Asks Adobe To Open-Source Flash To Preserve Internet History
Sunday July 30, 2017 @04:34AM Petition Asks Adobe to Open-Source Flash for the Sake of Internet History
Tuesday July 25, 2017 @11:15AM Adobe Announces that in 2020, Flash Player Will Reach Its 'End-of-Life' in Light of Newer Technologies
Thursday May 18, 2017 @02:59PM Firefox 55: Flash Will Become 'Ask To Activate' For Everyone
Thursday May 18, 2017 @01:21PM Firefox 55: Flash Will Become "Ask to Activate" for Everyone
Wednesday March 29, 2017 @09:14AM What Killed Adobe Flash?
Monday March 27, 2017 @12:24PM With Optane Memory, Intel Claims To Make Hard Drives Faster Than SSDs
Friday March 24, 2017 @03:39PM FedEx Will Pay You $5 To Install Flash
Monday March 13, 2017 @04:49PM Laptop SSD Capacity To Remain Flat As NAND Flash Dearth Causes Prices To Rise
Friday February 24, 2017 @03:12PM Toshiba Plans To Ship a 1TB Flash Chip To Manufacturers This Spring
Monday February 06, 2017 @04:02PM Western Digital Unveils First-Ever 512Gb 64-Layer 3D NAND Chip
Thursday January 05, 2017 @05:40PM Hands On With the First Open-Source Microcontroller
Tuesday January 03, 2017 @05:20PM Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2TB Is World's Largest Capacity Flash Drive
Monday December 19, 2016 @02:43PM Adobe Releases Flash Player 24 For Linux Four Years After the Last Major Update
Monday December 19, 2016 @01:10PM Adobe Releases Flash Player 24 for Linux Four Years After the Last Major Update
Wednesday December 14, 2016 @03:20PM Flash Will Soon Be 'Click-To-Run' in Microsoft Edge
Friday December 09, 2016 @06:05PM Google Starts Using HTML5 By Default Instead of Flash For Some Chrome Users
Wednesday December 07, 2016 @07:11PM Adobe Flash Responsible For Six of the Top 10 Bugs Used By Exploit Kits In 2016
Saturday December 03, 2016 @12:05PM Chrome 55 Now Blocks Flash, Uses HTML5 By Default
Saturday December 03, 2016 @11:00AM Chrome 55 Now Blocks Flash, Uses HTML5 by Default
Tuesday November 15, 2016 @05:46PM Apple's New 15-Inch MacBook Pros Have Storage Soldered To the Logic Board
Thursday October 13, 2016 @12:10AM Chrome 54 Arrives With YouTube Flash Embed Rewriting To HTML5
Sunday September 25, 2016 @04:06PM Moving Beyond Flash: the Yahoo HTML5 Video Player
Wednesday September 21, 2016 @04:31PM W3C Set To Publish HTML 5.1, Work Already Started On HTML 5.2
Wednesday September 07, 2016 @07:25PM Leaked Demo Video Shows How Government Spyware Infects a Computer
Monday September 05, 2016 @03:52PM Adobe Resurrects Flash Player On Linux
Thursday August 25, 2016 @07:28PM Intel Launches Flurry of 3D NAND-Based SSDs For Consumer and Enterprise Markets
Tuesday August 09, 2016 @04:01PM Google: Chrome 53 Will 'De-Emphasize Flash In Favor of HTML5' Next Month
Wednesday July 20, 2016 @12:26PM Firefox To Block Non-Essential Flash Content In August 2016, Require Click-To-Activate In 2017
Thursday July 07, 2016 @03:42AM Samsung Unveils World's First UFS Storage Cards, Could Replace MicroSD
Saturday June 25, 2016 @04:06PM Ubuntu-Based Peppermint 7 Released
Thursday June 23, 2016 @04:26PM HTML5 Ads Aren't That Safe Compared To Flash, Experts Say
Thursday June 23, 2016 @04:15PM HTML5 Ads Aren't That Safe Compared to Flash, Experts Say
Saturday June 18, 2016 @12:53PM Delete Or Update All Adobe Flash Player Instances, Experts Warn
Wednesday June 15, 2016 @12:15PM Safari 10 In macOS Sierra Deactivates Flash, Silverlight and Other Plug-Ins by Default
Monday June 06, 2016 @05:52PM Drive-By Exploits Pushing Ransomware Now Able To Bypass Microsoft EMET
Monday May 30, 2016 @05:54PM Microsoft Warns of ZCryptor Ransomware With Self-Propagation Features
Tuesday May 17, 2016 @02:01PM IBM's Optical Storage Is 50 Times Faster Than Flash, And Also Cheaper
Saturday May 14, 2016 @12:27AM Google Devs Planning Flash's Demise With New 'HTML5 By Default' Chrome Setting
Friday May 13, 2016 @04:49PM Google Devs Planing Flash's Demise With New "HTML5 by Default" Chrome Setting
Wednesday May 11, 2016 @03:30PM Samsung Unveils 256GB MicroSD Card, Highest Capacity In Its Class
Thursday April 14, 2016 @10:26PM Apple Deprecating Quicktime For Windows, Micro Trends Urges Users To Uninstall
Friday April 08, 2016 @09:27AM Adobe Patches Flash Zero-Day Exploited By Magnitude Exploit Kit
Friday April 08, 2016 @05:47AM Microsoft Edge Will Start Automatically Pausing Less Important Flash Content
Friday March 18, 2016 @01:15PM Pwn2Own 2016 Recap: Hackers Earn $460,000 For 21 Hacks
Thursday March 17, 2016 @08:27AM Pwn2Own Day 1: Hackers Earn $280k For Hacking Chrome, Flash, Safari
Monday March 14, 2016 @09:27PM Facebook Preps Its Infrastructure For a Virtual Reality Future
Monday March 14, 2016 @06:50PM Typosquatters Running .om Domain Scam To Push Mac Malware
Wednesday March 09, 2016 @05:00PM MIT Creates Algorithm That Speeds Up Page Load Time By 34%
Wednesday March 09, 2016 @01:49PM There's No End In Sight For Data Storage Capacity
Wednesday March 02, 2016 @07:58PM Windows' Built-In PDF Reader Exposes Edge Browser To Hacking
Tuesday February 09, 2016 @02:07PM Google Display Ads Going All-HTML, Will Ban Flash In 2017
Tuesday January 05, 2016 @10:48AM Exploit Vendor Zerodium Puts $100,000 Bounty on Flash's New Security Feature
Saturday December 19, 2015 @05:46AM Facebook Replaces Flash with HTML5 For Videos
Tuesday December 01, 2015 @09:09AM After Twenty Years of Flash, Adobe Kills the Name
Friday August 21, 2015 @09:31PM Amazon To Stop Accepting Flash Ads
Tuesday August 18, 2015 @11:09AM The Agonizingly Slow Decline of Adobe's Flash Player
Tuesday August 04, 2015 @01:25PM Hackers Exploit Adobe Flash Vulnerability In Yahoo Ads
Friday July 10, 2015 @08:22PM New Network Design Exploits Cheap, Power-Efficient Flash Memory
Friday February 27, 2015 @08:42PM Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5
Sunday February 08, 2015 @01:43AM Xenon Flashes Can Make New Raspberry Pi 2 Freeze and Reboot
Thursday January 29, 2015 @01:06AM Adobe's Latest Zero-Day Exploit Repurposed, Targeting Adult Websites
Thursday January 22, 2015 @12:50PM Adobe Patches One Flash Zero Day, Another Still Unfixed
Tuesday December 30, 2014 @08:34AM 10 Years In, Mars Rover Opportunity Suffers From Flash Memory Degradation
Friday October 10, 2014 @09:40PM Flash IDE Can Now Reach Non-Flash Targets (Including Open Source)
Monday June 16, 2014 @08:33PM Replacing the Housing on Your Flash Drive?
Tuesday March 18, 2014 @11:57AM Flash Is Dead; Long Live OpenFL!
Wednesday February 05, 2014 @09:21AM Adobe Flash Remote Code Execution Flaw Exploited In the Wild
Friday December 27, 2013 @11:02AM Tesla Updates Model S Software As a Precaution Against Unsafe Charging
Friday November 15, 2013 @10:41AM Clam That Was Killed Determining Its Age Was Over 100 Years Older Than Estimated
Wednesday October 02, 2013 @11:52AM Proteins Help Researchers Build a Flash Memory Device
Tuesday August 06, 2013 @09:23AM Forget Flash: Resistive RAM Crams 1TB Onto Tiny Chip
Thursday June 13, 2013 @07:15AM Will PCIe Flash Become Common In Laptops, Desktops?
Wednesday March 20, 2013 @11:49AM Apple Hires Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, Destroyer of iPhones
Monday February 18, 2013 @10:11AM Why Hasn't 3D Taken Off For the Web?
Sunday February 10, 2013 @11:27AM Six Months Without Adobe Flash, and I Feel Fine
Friday February 08, 2013 @07:36PM Adobe Hopes Pop-up Warnings Will Stop Office-Borne Flash Attacks
Sunday February 03, 2013 @11:20AM IronKey Releases Windows 8 Certified Bootable Flash Drive
Sunday December 02, 2012 @05:22PM "Self-Healing" NAND Flash Memory That Can Survive Over 100 Million Cycles
Tuesday November 13, 2012 @04:28AM The Shumway Open SWF Runtime Project
Monday November 12, 2012 @08:07PM The Shumway Open SWF Runtime Project
Sunday October 07, 2012 @12:49AM Mozilla To Bug Firefox Users With Old Adobe Reader, Flash, Silverlight
Wednesday September 12, 2012 @08:29AM Zuckerberg: Betting On HTML5 Was Facebook's Biggest Mistake
Friday August 31, 2012 @08:32PM BBC Keeps Android Flash Alive In the UK
Friday August 31, 2012 @09:59AM BBC Keeps Android Flash Alive In The UK
Wednesday August 15, 2012 @12:12PM Adobe Officially Kills New Flash Installations On Android
Wednesday July 25, 2012 @12:10PM Flash Memory Slashes Power Use At Data Centers
Friday June 29, 2012 @06:45AM Adobe stops flash player support for Android
Wednesday June 27, 2012 @10:47AM New manufacturing technology enables vertical 3D transistors
Friday June 15, 2012 @06:34PM Hybrid Drives Struggling In Face of SSDs
Tuesday June 05, 2012 @07:55AM Mozilla's Open Source Project Shumway To Translate SWF To HTML5
Monday June 04, 2012 @10:17AM Open source project to translate SWF to html5
Thursday May 10, 2012 @12:24PM Apple Auto-Disables Old Flash Players In Mac OS X 10.7.4
Thursday May 03, 2012 @11:01AM X-Rays show memory card still in digestive tract of accused hang glider.
Saturday March 31, 2012 @09:17AM Adobe Releases Last Linux Version of Flash Player
Saturday March 31, 2012 @08:41AM Adobe Releases Last Linux Version Of Flash Player
Saturday February 25, 2012 @06:27PM QuickTime Creator Brings Flash and Office To the iPad, By Subscription
Wednesday February 22, 2012 @08:23AM Adobe Makes Flash on GNU/Linux Chrome-Only
Wednesday February 22, 2012 @07:46AM Adobe to Abandon Flash Player on Linux
Wednesday December 21, 2011 @10:30AM Apple Buys Israeli Flash Manufacturer
Wednesday December 07, 2011 @12:38PM Intel and Micron Unveil 128Gb NAND Chip
Thursday November 10, 2011 @09:52AM Microsoft Killing Silverlight?
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @10:18AM Adobe Ends Development of Flash On Mobile Browsers
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @08:58AM Adobe also fired 10% of its workforce
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @07:31AM Adobe Rumored to announce today it will abandon fl
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @07:20AM Adobe Rumoured to Abandon Flash Mobile
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @07:16AM Adobe starting to kill Flash
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @05:40AM Adobe ceases development on mobile browser Flash,
Wednesday October 05, 2011 @03:14AM Unreal Engine 3 running in Flash
Tuesday October 04, 2011 @09:26AM Adobe Flash Player 11 Released
Tuesday September 27, 2011 @10:08PM Slideshare ditches Flash, rebuilds site in HTML5
Wednesday September 21, 2011 @03:01PM Adobe Pushes Emergency Flash Player Security Fix
Wednesday September 21, 2011 @10:59AM Adobe Releases Flash 11 and AIR 3
Wednesday September 21, 2011 @09:52AM Game devs predict death of Flash, installed games
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @09:24PM Adobe to Issue Emergency Flash Fix Wednesday
Thursday September 15, 2011 @07:57AM Windows 8 Won't Support Plug-Ins; the End of Flash?
Friday September 09, 2011 @07:39PM Adobe Brings Flash-Free Flash To iOS Devices
Saturday August 13, 2011 @11:43AM NAND Flash Can Verify a Device's Identity
Wednesday July 13, 2011 @07:05PM Adobe released 64-bit Flash for Linux
Thursday July 07, 2011 @03:49PM Creating a Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Bootable Flash Drive
Tuesday June 07, 2011 @10:11AM Man Creates Open Source Flashlight
Friday May 13, 2011 @01:55PM Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.3
Wednesday May 04, 2011 @11:51AM Chrome, IE To Allow Users To Delete Flash Cookies
Friday April 29, 2011 @07:46PM Adobe Ships Flash Player 10.2 For Android 3.x
Saturday April 16, 2011 @05:30PM Adobe Adopts HTTP Live Streaming For iOS
Friday April 15, 2011 @07:14AM Maqetta: Open Source HTML5 Editor From IBM
Thursday April 14, 2011 @02:25PM Adobe To Patch Flash 0-Day Friday
Thursday April 14, 2011 @01:52PM Flash On Android Fails To Impress
Friday April 01, 2011 @10:33PM RSA Says SecurID Hack Based On Phishing With Flash 0-Day
Friday March 11, 2011 @04:30AM Flash-to-HTML5 Translator: Smart But Not Pretty
Thursday March 10, 2011 @02:03PM Flash-to-HTML5 Translator: Smart But Not Pretty
Tuesday March 08, 2011 @09:27AM Adobe Releases Flash To HTML 5 Converter
Monday February 28, 2011 @08:32PM Microsoft Adds Selective ActiveX Filtering to IE9
Tuesday February 22, 2011 @03:26PM Flash Memory Is Almost Impossible To Erase
Monday January 24, 2011 @05:55AM 'Universal' memory aims to replace flash/DRAM
Thursday December 16, 2010 @12:17PM Chrome Throws Flash Into the Sandbox
Thursday December 16, 2010 @12:12PM Chrome Throws Flash Into the Sandbox
Friday December 10, 2010 @11:24AM Tobacco Virus Could Boost Li Batteries
Friday December 10, 2010 @09:41AM Tobacco Virus To Power Li Batteries & Flash Me
Sunday December 05, 2010 @05:40PM FTC Is In Talks With Adobe About the 'Flash Problem'
Saturday December 04, 2010 @11:50PM Silverlight 5 — Back From the Dead?
Saturday December 04, 2010 @05:30AM FTC Is In Talks With Adobe About The âFlash P
Wednesday November 17, 2010 @12:15PM Comparing Windows and Ubuntu On Netbooks
Sunday November 14, 2010 @09:05AM Android Holes Allow Secret Installation of Apps
Thursday November 04, 2010 @06:43PM Flash Can Rob 2 Hours From MacBook Air's Battery Life
Thursday November 04, 2010 @05:36PM Lack of Flash Gives MacBook Air Two Extra Hours
Wednesday November 03, 2010 @11:30PM Skyfire allows flash video on the iPhone
Wednesday November 03, 2010 @12:25PM Flash Comes To the iPhone Via App
Friday October 29, 2010 @10:37PM Microsoft's Silverlight Strategy 'Has Shifted'
Thursday October 28, 2010 @08:26PM Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Bug, Already Being Exploited
Sunday October 24, 2010 @08:41AM Want Flash Player On a MacBook Air? Download It Yourself
Saturday October 23, 2010 @07:19PM Adobe Releases Its Own HTML5 Video Player
Saturday October 23, 2010 @09:47AM Apple Is No Longer Bundling Flash Player With Mac
Monday October 11, 2010 @05:53PM HTML5 Draws Concern Over Risks To Privacy
Thursday October 07, 2010 @09:29PM Against Apple, Ballmer Floats Microsoft Merger With Adobe
Sunday September 26, 2010 @08:46PM Apple Patents Directional Flash Tech For Cameras
Tuesday September 21, 2010 @06:33PM The Surprising Statistics Behind Flash and Apple
Friday September 17, 2010 @06:40AM HTC Launches HD Phones and Updated Sense UI
Thursday September 16, 2010 @11:46AM Integrating Flash with the Arduino
Thursday September 16, 2010 @01:52AM Adobe Releases New 64-Bit Flash Plugin For Linux
Monday September 06, 2010 @03:48PM Flash Player as a spy system
Thursday September 02, 2010 @09:20PM Flash On Android Is 'Shockingly Bad'
Friday August 20, 2010 @06:13PM Introducing JITB — a Flash Player Built On the JVM
Thursday August 19, 2010 @09:06PM Introducing JITB: A Flash player built on the JVM
Thursday August 19, 2010 @12:28PM Microsoft Silverlight 4 vs. Adobe Flash 10.1
Wednesday August 18, 2010 @03:24AM Six Reasons Why Flash Isn't Going Away
Tuesday August 03, 2010 @10:54AM MXI Flash Drive Gains UK Government Certification
Wednesday July 21, 2010 @12:42PM Lightspark 0.4.2 Open Source Flash Player Released
Wednesday July 21, 2010 @09:18AM Lightspark 0.4.2 open source Flash player released
Thursday July 08, 2010 @02:43PM Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5
Wednesday June 30, 2010 @07:51AM YouTube Explains Where HTML5 Video Fails
Wednesday June 30, 2010 @04:31AM Youtube wade into the HTML5 vs. Flash debate
Tuesday June 22, 2010 @11:37AM Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Arrives For Android
Tuesday June 22, 2010 @11:35AM Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Arrives for Android
Monday June 21, 2010 @02:22PM Adobe Flash update pushed out with 280 page EULA
Monday June 14, 2010 @04:36AM North Korean Flash Games For Export
Friday June 11, 2010 @11:52AM Adobe Goes To Flash 10.1, Forgoes Security Fix For 10
Sunday June 06, 2010 @10:25AM Adobe Warns of Flash, PDF Zero-Day Attacks
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @12:49PM HTML5 vs. Flash — the Case For Flash
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @03:51AM Smokescreen, a JavaScript-Based Flash Player
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @12:30PM Smokescreen: a javascript-based Flash player
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @01:34AM Low-Level Format For a USB Flash Drive?
Monday May 31, 2010 @01:59PM Asus Joins Tablet PC Race
Monday May 24, 2010 @08:09PM Adobe Founders On Flash and Internet Standards
Thursday May 20, 2010 @01:33AM Adobe folds on Flash, embraces HTML5
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @10:49AM Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away
Tuesday May 18, 2010 @09:10PM A possible end to the Flash on iPhone impasse?
Thursday May 13, 2010 @10:49AM Adobe Calls Out Apple With Ads In NY Times, WSJ
Monday May 10, 2010 @07:06PM Blocking annoying ads, leaving the okay ones
Monday May 10, 2010 @04:28PM A Peace Plan To End the Flash-On-iPhone Fight
Friday May 07, 2010 @09:22AM Is HTML5 Ready To Take Over From Flash?
Thursday May 06, 2010 @11:06PM Scribd Switches To HTML5
Thursday May 06, 2010 @09:12PM Scribd switches to HTML5
Thursday May 06, 2010 @04:33PM Flash Is Not a Right