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Submission + - Are the hard-to-exploit bugs in LZO compression algorithm a hype?

NotInHere writes: In 1996, Markus F. X. J. Oberhumer wrote an implementation of the Lempel–Ziv compression, which is used in various places like the linux kernel, libav, openVPN, or the Curiosity rover. As security researchers have found out, the code contained integer overflow and buffer overrun vulnerabilities, in the part of the code that was responsible to process not compressed parts of the data. Those vulnerabilities are however very hard to exploit, and their scope is dependent on the actual implementation.
According to Oberhumer, the problem only affects 32 bit systems. "I personally do not know about any client program that actually is affected", Oberhumer sais, calling the news about the possible security issue a media hype.
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Are the hard-to-exploit bugs in LZO compression algorithm a hype?

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