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Submission + - NIC.py hacked, google.com.py redirected

MrJones writes: Last February 20th, hackers supposedly from Iran accessed and modified the www.NIC.py database, redirecting www.google.com.py to another site.
The hackers posted the whole NIC.py database containing full names, national ID numbers, street addresses, phone numbers and more. This is not the 1st time that NIC.py, managed by the 2 most respectful Computer Science(CS) Universities of Paraguay, was hacked.
Since the whole BD was released, local white hats could calculate how much money NIC.py was making annually by charging 44 US$ per .py domain.
The local CS community are urging the NIC.py administrators to do all whats possible to protect the .py domain names since the hack was done thanks to a simple RCE vulnerability.
If they can modify google.com.py, just imagine what they can do to banks and financial institutions. Maybe Google can helps us.
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NIC.py hacked, google.com.py redirected

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