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Submission + - Security Experts Call for Boycott of RSA Conference in NSA Protest

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: ZDNet reports that at least eight security researchers or policy experts have withdrawn from RSA's annual security conference in protest over the sponsor's alleged collaboration with the National Security Agency. Last month, it was revealed that RSA had accepted $10 million from the National Security Agency to implement an intentional cryptographic flaw, commonly called a backdoor, in one of its encryption tools. The withdrawals from the highly regarded conference represent early blowback by experts who have complained that the government's surveillance efforts have, in some cases, weakened computer security, even for innocent users. Jeffrey Carr, a security industry veteran who works in analyzing espionage and cyber warfare tactics, took his cancellation a step further calling for a boycott of the conference, saying that RSA had violated the trust of its customers. "I can't imagine a worse action, short of a company's CEO getting involved in child porn," says Carr. "I don't know what worse action a security company could take than to sell a product to a customer with a backdoor in it." Organizers have said that next month's conference in San Francisco will host 560 speakers, and that they expect more participants than the 24,000 who showed up last year. "Though boycotting the conference won't have a big impact on EMC's bottom line, the resulting publicity will," says Dave Kearns. "Security is hard enough without having to worry that our suppliers — either knowingly or unknowingly — have aided those who wish to subvert our security measures."
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Security Experts Call for Boycott of RSA Conference in NSA Protest

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