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sciencehabit writes: Soot is bad stuff all around, whether you're breathing it into your lungs or it's heating the atmosphere by absorbing more of the sun's energy. But a new 4-year, 232-page assessment of soot's role in climate finds that the combustion product could be warming the world twice as much as previously thought. The study points policymakers toward the best targets for reducing climate-warming soot emissions while at the same time improving the health of billions of people.
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Soot Is Warming the World, A Lot

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  • Everything that is expelled from everything will be considered a cause of global warming and will have a "tax" associated with it. Soon scientists will claim that water vapor is a major contributor to global warming. This combined with the CO2 we breathe out means we are all pretty much f*cked.

  • It is easy to collect. A low current high voltage DC potential can be used to pull it out of the air. Not so much that ozone is generated.

    Some airports use the same trick to sweep fog from the air as it attempt to roll across the runways.

    OK this is almost a silly idea but there are areas where this is easy and by doing it correctly (what ever that implies) it will help remove the gray pallor that makes dense cities so dull. Folks with those positive ion generators know that their walls go gray to bl

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