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Submission + - Is Television Paying too Much Attention to Fans? ( 2

blackbearnh writes: Forums and chat groups are letting fans organize and discuss their favorite shows with increasing ease, but what happens when the writers and producers of TV shows start paying attention? An article in today's Christian Science Monitor takes a look at how the production staff of recent shows has interacted with their fan base, and how the fans are having an increasing influence on not only the popularity, but also the plot and characters.
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Is Television Paying too Much Attention to Fans?

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  • and we got drift. a bad guy turned good who get's his hands on a sword that is supposed to be more powerful then prime's matrix of leadership.

  • Trollope was a mid-Victorian novelist (and the inventor of the post box.) He wrote satirical novels about the Church and politics. One of his characters was the (very unpleasant) wife of a fundamentalist clergyman. He wasn't quite sure where to take the plot with her. On a transatlantic voyage he heard two other passengers discussing his last book, one of whom declared that Trollope should "kill off Mrs. Proudie". He immediately decided that this would be a popular move and did so.

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