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Submission + - Father Finds Google Not-So-Daughter-Friendly 1

theodp writes: 'Hey Google,' writes Rich Warren, 'thanks for making my daughter cry'. Warren's daughter has joined the ranks of kids who have found their Google accounts disabled after years of use when Google detected they were underage. 'Let's be clear here,' opines Warren. 'There's no legal reason behind Google's decision to block my daughter's account. They've chosen to implement these [COPPA] age restrictions in this particular way. They've chosen to lock up my daughter's data without warning. They've chosen to threaten to delete the data.' So, the lesson for parents and kids seems to be this: Create '' if you want Google to preserve your daughter's childhood memories; create '' if you want Google to threaten to destroy them!
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Father Finds Google Not-So-Daughter-Friendly

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