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Submission + - AMD to attempt self-resurrection -- but not with A (extremetech.com)

MrSeb writes: "From the story: Recent subpar CPU launches and product cancellations have left AMD in an ugly position, but reports that the company is preparing to jettison its x86 business are greatly exaggerated and wildly off base. Yesterday, Mercury News ran a report on AMD's struggles to reinvent itself and included this quote from company spokesperson Mike Silverman: "We're at an inflection point. We will all need to let go of the old 'AMD versus Intel' mind-set, because it won't be about that anymore." When we contacted Silverman, he confirmed that the original statement has been taken somewhat out of context and provided additional clarification. “AMD is a leader in x86 microprocessor design, and we remain committed to the x86 market. Our strategy is to accelerate our growth by taking advantage of our design capabilities to deliver a breadth of products that best align with broader industry shifts toward low power, emerging markets and the cloud." The larger truth behind Silverman's statement is that no matter what AMD does, it's not going to be "AMD versus Intel" anymore — it's going to be AMD vs. Qualcomm, TI, Nvidia, and Intel."
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AMD to attempt self-resurrection -- but not with A

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