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Submission + - Microsoft's Office365 Limits Emails to 500 Recipie (zdnet.com)

suraj.sun writes: ZDNet's Ed Bott warns small businesses ( http://www.zdnet.com/blog/bott/small-businesses-beware-the-office-365-fine-print/4151 ) that if you sign up with Microsoft's Office 365, make sure you read the fine print carefully as an obscure clause in the terms of service limits the number of recipients you're allowed to contact in a day, which could affect the business very badly. Office 365's small business accounts, P1 plan( http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/plans/small-business/email-calendar.aspx ), are limited to 500 recipients per 24 hours and enterprise accounts are limited to 1500. That's a limitation of 500 recipients during a single day. And the limitation doesn't apply to unique recipients.

It's not hard to imagine scenarios in which a small business can bump up against that number. In this case, the new CEO had sent a getting-acquainted message to 400 of the company's customers and prospects. But it could easily happen to any small business. Imagine if your little company rolls out a new product that gets a mention on the Today Show or a high-profile web site like ZDNet. You could easily have 500 messages in your inbox when you get to work in the morning. If you try to respond to every one, even with a form response, you'll hit that 500-recipient lockout before your first coffee break.

ZDNet: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/bott/small-businesses-beware-the-office-365-fine-print/4151

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Microsoft's Office365 Limits Emails to 500 Recipie

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