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Sparrowvsrevolution writes: At the Defcon security conference in Las Vegas, Marc Weber Tobias and Toby Bluzmanis plan to demonstrate simple hardware hacks that expose critical security problems in Swiss lock firm Kaba’s E-plex 5800 and its older 5000. Kaba markets the 5800 lock, which Bluzmmanis says can cost as much as $1,300, as the first to integrate code-based access controls with a new Department of Homeland Security standard that goes into effect next year and requires identifying credentials be used in secure facilities to control access. One attack uses a mallet to "rap" open the lock, another opens the lock by putting a pin through the LED display light to ground a contact on the circuit board, and a third uses a wire inserted in the lock's back panel to hit a switch that resets its software.
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Defcon Hacks Defeat Card-And-Code Locks In Seconds

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  • Demonstrating how to get around or defeat government security could land you in jail. By the time you've had your day in court you are millions in the hole for legal costs and you've done 5 years in solitary.

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