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Submission + - Learn Python the Hard Way, 2nd Edition is Out

theodp writes: You or your kid intrigued by Python, but not quite ready to purchase an in-depth O'Reilly book? Well, Bunky, then Zed A. Shaw's 2nd edition of Learn Python The Hard Way may be just what the Doctor ordered. Shaw's path to Python programming is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Go through each exercise, 2. Type in each sample exactly, 3. Make it run. So, would $60 for hardcover be too much to ask? Thought so. How about $15.99 for paperback? A measly buck for a PDF/ePub download? Still too steep? OK, even Richard Stallman wouldn't quibble with a FREE online HTML edition. Complete the 52 exercises, read Shaw's concluding Advice From An Old Programmer, and the next thing you know you'll be enjoying free food in a Google cafeteria with Guido.
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Learn Python the Hard Way, 2nd Edition is Out

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