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mvar writes: A study presented Tuesday at the American Physical Society meeting in Dallas noted a steady rise in the percentage of residents in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland, who claim no religious affiliation.
The study attempted to link these countries’ religious identities with the social motives behind belonging to particular groups. Researchers said that as the masses who claim religious non-affiliation swell, it becomes more appealing to join the ranks of that group. A 2006 Statistics Canada report noted that 16% of Canadians reported no religious affiliation in 2001, up from 4% 30 years earlier. However, young Canadians are even less religious, with close to half of 15–29 year olds claiming no religious identity in 2004. In the Netherlands, where close to 50% of the population identifies as not belonging to a religion, Weiner said they found that by mid-century close to 70 per cent of the country will be made up of non-believers.

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Maths say Religion is on the Road To Extinction

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  • I've done surveys. How you ask the questions and who you ask is important. You can prove anything with surveys, provided you ask the questions in a loaded way. An honest survey will try to ask the right questions, but may fail at it.

    This study is obviously flawed, and deeply. The countries listed are all predomanently Christian and half are English-speaking. No Asian countries are listed. This leaves out most of the world, and almost all Hindus, Bhuddists, and Moslems.

    Plus, Claiming "no religious affiliati

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