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enFi writes: "I want to pay one ISP (only!) for data (only!), and use it for my smartphone and my computer; and until they catch up, I want not to inconvenience the rest of the world — still let them call a phone number. (We all want this, right?) I'm most of the way there: my plan is to get a Clear Spot (their 4G WiMAX coverage is good for me) to use with my unlocked Nexus S (which will only ever use WiFi). I could just use Skype and an Online Number, but talk of and the recent Google Voice / SIP article make me think I'm only starting to untagle the mess of services and options. Is there a good (not to mention best) way to do this?"
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Ask Slashdot: Data-Only Phone, Voice Over WiFi?

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  • by ZosX ( 517789 )

    I heard clear is now capping over like 10 gigs. If this is going to be your primary connection, it may be something to think about. Sprint is pretty much unlimited from what I hear. For your voice calls you need sipdroid and you need to set up a loop through an online pbx. This will work, though will certainly not be as reliable as a straight up cell phone. There are guides on how to accomplish this online. Look for the sipsorcery guide on google. I never did get this working because I rarely use up my minu

    • by ZosX ( 517789 )

      Also forgot to add that wifi on the phone will drain the battery extremely fast. Something else to consider.

      • My Nokia E63 drains battery fast when talking to a 54Mbps AP. Slow the AP down to 11Mbps and battery life is extended at least 100% (I think its more like 200% power savings). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a solution to slow down just the Nokia phone. Since I only use WiFi for Internet surfing and VOIP, 11Mbps works ok for me.

    • While using up my modpoints today I saw you caught that error in the donations thread. Once up (informative) for the correction and once down (overrated) for the original post. Sometimes I post in haste too. Hopefully the correction will become the dominant post. I agree sometimes it's a pain we can't edit or delete posts - I have a few I'd take back if I could - but would not change it because the system works and does more good than harm. The occasional permanent error becomes a reminder to take good

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