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iPhone Users Complain About the Word 'It' Autocorrecting To 'I.T' On iOS 11 and Later ( 116

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MacRumors: At least a few hundred iPhone users and counting have complained about the word "it" autocorrecting to "I.T" on iOS 11 and later. When affected users type the word "it" into a text field, the keyboard first shows "I.T" as a QuickType suggestion. After tapping the space key, the word "it" automatically changes to "I.T" without actually tapping the predictive suggestion. A growing number of iPhone users have voiced their frustrations about the issue on the MacRumors discussion forums, Twitter, and other discussion platforms on the web since shortly after iOS 11 was released in late September. Many users claim the apparent autocorrect bug persists even after rebooting the device and performing other basic troubleshooting. A temporary workaround is to tap Settings: General: Keyboard: Text Replacement and enter "it" as both the phrase and shortcut, but some users insist this solution does not solve the problem. A less ideal workaround is to toggle off auto-correction and/or predictive suggestions completely under Settings: General: Keyboard. MacRumors reader Tim shared a video that highlights the issue.
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iPhone Users Complain About the Word 'It' Autocorrecting To 'I.T' On iOS 11 and Later

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  • Turns out the thing we needed to fear most from AI was not global thermonuclear war, but instead random jerkery in our everyday lives.

    In 10 years i.t will be like every day is April Fools day - and not in a good way.

    • Oh my God, iPhone twits can't type "it" and this is Slashdot news?

      • Re:Skynet (Score:4, Insightful)

        by DontBeAMoran ( 4843879 ) on Monday November 27, 2017 @09:33PM (#55634119)

        It's Slashdot news that Apple, once known as a company that thrived on details under Steve Jobs, is now only known as the company with a big pile of cash and products that do not live up to their cost.

        • Eeeeeeee Teeeee iphooooone hoome!

          I'll always think of them as the company that built the Apple ][, as the company that invented SCSI and thought we would pronounce that as "sexy," and the company that pretended they invented the portable mp3 player a couple years after nerds owned their first ones.

          Oh yeah, they also have a phone that looks just like a 90s Samsung digital picture frame.

          • by Askmum ( 1038780 )

            I'll always think of them as the company that built the Apple ][, as the company that invented SCSI

            Apple invented SCSI? I see no evidence of that. SCSI originates at Shugart and Apple only started using it after its standarization.

      • You don’t get very far in life not saying “it”. Ni!
      • by sh00z ( 206503 )
        iPhone is also trying to get me fired for sexual harassment. Yesterday, when attempting to text my (opposite-sex) boss with "Done." I fat-fingered and actually typed "Dome." Siri, in her infinite wisdom, corrected that to "Do me." Just dumb luck that I looked at the screen before hitting send.
  • A smartphone maker confuses it for I.T. and it's front page news? Sounds more like the reddit/funny page.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      I.T. is not funny because I.T. is a smartphone OS that a major chunk of smartphone users are using.

      For what it is worth, this has not impacted me on iOS 11. "I.T." is not even in the list of suggestions when I type "it".

    • by torkus ( 1133985 )

      I think the point is more that a major smartphone OS is having broadly noticeable problems with a basic UI feature.

      Something went badly wrong in the QA rounds. Or...something.

  • by _Shorty-dammit ( 555739 ) on Monday November 27, 2017 @08:12PM (#55633717)

    Capitalization is screwed in iOS 11, too. It's constantly capitalizing things in the middle of a sentence, which appear as though they may have been things that were capitalized at the beginning of a sentence at some point in the past. It's pretty annoying to have to constantly fix You or Work in the middle of sentences practically every time it is typed.

    • Maybe Apple are so patriotic that They feel their users ought to imitate the US Constitution's seemingly Random capitalisation of Diverse and Sundry words.

      • That made me laugh, and made me curious, "what's up with the capitalization of the Constitution? I looked it up.

        In the 1700s, it was common / correct to capitalize nouns in English. It still is in other languages, such as German. The practice was fading in the late 1700s, so like the Oxford comma today, it was arguable. Morris, who wrote the Constitution itself, chose to capitalize nouns. Two years later, they decided on the newer style for the Bill of Rights and used lower case. Just as today a document

        • The Penman for the US Constitution was One Mr Jacob Shallus, an Immigrant of German Origin. Perhaps he decided that Nouns should be Capitalized in English as they were in his Native Tounge


          Incidentally in contemporary British documents I don't believe capitalization of nouns was common. And Jefferson didn't do it in his private correspondence.

          Incidentally you can see why the UK didn't deal with the rebellion in the US when you realise they had more pressing problems closer to

          • Incidentally you can see why the UK didn't deal with the rebellion in the US when you realise they had more pressing problems closer to home

            The French landed troops in Ireland in 1796 and 1798


            Incidentally, the colonies declared independence in 1776; I doubt events of 1796 influenced the Revolutionary War much.

            • Yorktown was in September 28 - October 19, 1781 and the UK signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783


              After the British surrender, Washington sent Tench Tilghman to report the victory to Congress. After a difficult journey, he arrived in Philadelphia, which celebrated for several days. The British Prime Minister, Lord North, is reported to have exclaimed "Oh God, it's all over" when told of the defeat. Washington moved his army to New Windsor, New York where they remained stationed until the Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783, formally ending the war.

              So they went from losing the US colonies to fighting off the French at home in thirteen years.

              If you look thirteen years before Dunkirk (1940) of course, things were pretty good. 1927 was pre Hitler, pre Great Depression, pre 1929 crash.

              Probably in 1927 people thought Germany would always be led by people like Stresemann, perpetual peace had been achieved by diplomacy and they didn'

          • I wonder why you were modded down. Seemed informative to me. It seems you corrected an error in my post. Thanks for that.

    • Autocorrect was screwed in iOS 10. I turned off autocorrect about a year or two ago now.
    • It's because You lack Courage. If you had Courage you would Understand the capitalization Plan.
      • It's because You lack Courage. If you had Courage you would Understand the capitalization Plan.

        No. Autocorrect and Auto-capitalization are both more annoying than helpful in iOS.

    • by Cederic ( 9623 )

      My Samsung S7 does that too, although fortunately not too frequently.

      It does learn though - it can now autocorrect the word 'fuck' for me.

      • It does learn though

        Implying that the iPhon autoIncorrect doesn't learn it's user's preferences? (I wouldn't know - I've never owned an iPhone, and never borrowed one either. I got rid of my Mac in about 2010, disliking the interface.)

        it can now autocorrect the word 'fuck' for me.

        Instead of making it "duck" or "luck" ; yeah my S7 learned that within a couple of weeks of me getting it.

    • by mjwx ( 966435 ) on Tuesday November 28, 2017 @09:13AM (#55635781)

      Capitalization is screwed in iOS 11, too.

      You're holding I.T. wrong.

  • If anyone was wondering what first world problems looks like, you've fucking found it.

    At least we can rest easily knowing that [random master narcissist] will be voted President of the United States based on nothing more than social media popularity, elected by the YOLO generation.

  • That is all. WTF?

  • Quality (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 27, 2017 @08:22PM (#55633779)

    Apple adherents need to recognize that their beloved brand is becoming shite, and this is because of the love.

    A corporation is not a person, it has no feelings, it is an automaton with a beowulf cluster of organic components.

    Quality comes from pressure, without pressure you just get a loose hot mess. The love fest needs to end and rigorous feedback about sillyness like removing headphone jacks, software bugs, privacy violation etc etc must enter the forefront and be backed up by people NOT purchasing a sub par product based on brand name alone.

    This issue affects far more than apple though, it is a symptom of a greater disease of apathy which currently affects vehicle manufacture (john deer tractors to farmers who need to repair their vehicles "fuck you"), pharmaceutical industries (Purdue Pharma to patients about the opiod crisis "fuck you"), chemical industries (Scotts Miracle Grow Company to farmers about their products causing cancer "fuck you"), entertainment industry (Sony to the public about root kits on their cds "fuck you").

    Most properly our governmental bodies should be protecting us, but they are not, and in many cases are either funded by or hold stock in these same corporations. This leaves only us to respond to these companies with a very large "FUCK YOU" by avoiding their products into oblivion and being vocal about their failings.

    • If anything, apathy is only affecting manufacturers in that they can be lazy and still sell product. Those that are infected by apathy are actually we, as consumers, who simply live with this shit, eat it, and are all too happy to buy more of it. We as consumers need to me more discerning and choose better.

      It is amazing how many poorly designed products people are willing to live with. As an example I give you the clock radio, they used to be simple to use with enough buttons to easily do anything you wante

      • Not just live with. It is getting to a point where these products are required to remain competitive in the workforce. My concern is that the employee is more dispensible than the disagreeable technology.

        I'd just as soon drop Windows and all mainstream tech, but my job in I.T. is kind of dependent on it.
      • Increasing the company's stock price trumps all other considerations. "Make the product better to make more money," or Ford's old, "Quality is Job #1" marketing motto, and such other ideas died a generation ago. Now it's, "Good enough + cheaper to make == more profits. Cut something else in the next quarter to keep feeding the beast."

        Medium and large corporations swear by that philosophy, and it eventually permeates every small successful business as soon as they have an IPO and sell out to the market.

      • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

        I've seen this happen to products. It's generally down to not having a UX designer. Yes, those guys that everyone hates do actually have a useful function.

        Device I did some firmware for was a hand-held programming unit. Point it at another device and it programs the time and various other parameters into it, kinda like a smart remote control.

        The LCD on this thing is awful. The hardware guy chose it because it's guaranteed to be available for at least 5 years. It has 5 buttons, chosen by the sales team becau

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      It makes me wonder if Apple engineers don't actually use iPhones very much. Maybe they prefer Android, because if they used iPhones daily they would soon notice and be annoyed by this and fix it.

    • by mjwx ( 966435 )

      Quality comes from pressure, without pressure you just get a loose hot mess.

      Quality does not come from pressure, mistakes come from pressure. Quality comes from process and procedure, if you dont have a good quality processes and procedures then you'll never produce good quality, likewise if you've got the best processes and procedures but they're never followed.

      Toyota do not have their reputation for supreme reliability because they whip their workers into making parts faster (that is more the GM model), Toyota is a byword for reliability because it stringently tests every comp

  • by Anonymous Coward

    The man who invented Autocorrect
    has died. Restaurant in peace.

    • Auto-correct can indeed be very annoying. I instead prefer a "suggest mode", similar to the blue-squiggly grammar check markers in MS-Word. (Spelling errors are red squigglies.)

      On a smart-phone, this could be implemented by listing suggestions or alternatives in a bar below the text-entry box if one puts the cursor on a phrase with blue-squigglies or equivalent.

      (I don't know if IOS has a comparable option; I haven't used Apple devices in a while.)

      • I had awful spelling my whole life up until the red squiggly. It still guides me, but I don't even see it very often anymore!

  • $1000 phone (Score:3, Funny)

    by technomom ( 444378 ) on Monday November 27, 2017 @08:25PM (#55633795)
    Good thing you weren't expecting a smart phone for your money.
  • by meglon ( 1001833 ) on Monday November 27, 2017 @08:36PM (#55633853)
    they should call someone in it to look into that. Sorry, i mean it. It. IT. DammI.T.
  • I'm using an iPhone and I.T.â(TM)s working fine.

  • 5S, iOS 11.1.2. Itâ(TM)s not doing the IT thing for me. But then again, u donâ(TM)t use QuickType at all, itâ(TM)s turned off.

    What is this, 2004 on a Razr with a number keypad only?! Why the need for a predictive keyboard?

    • Wow. Slashdot seriously canâ(TM)t handle posting from a phone?! It totally mangled my apostrophes.

      • Wow. Slashdot seriously canÃ(TM)t handle posting from a phone?! It totally mangled my apostrophes.

        It's not slashdot's fault that your "smart" phone cannot produce a simple ASCII apostrophe and thinks it needs to produce Unicode for that simple, standard, common glyph.

        • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

          It would be really helpful if Slashdot could handle different apostrophes and quote marks because often people want to paste text from elsewhere. Sometimes the summary even has managed characters where text was copied from TFA.

          It is also Slashdot's fault that I can't type a damn Pound symbol (£) without it getting mangled. I'm not asking for Chinese here, I just want a normal key on my normal keyboard typed into any browser you care to mention to result in the character printed on said key to ap

      • Wow. Slashdot seriously canâ(TM)t handle posting from a phone?! It totally mangled my apostrophes.

        Your phone mangled your post. Slashdot merely displayed it. There is only one brand that cannot post properly to slashdot, all the other phones have no problems at all.

  • You're holding I.T wrong.
  • It is not a bug.

    I.T. is a feature

  • Some words are short like "DND" and it autocorrects them to "end".

    Other word are long and obviously misspelled like "p4oblem" or "pro3lem" yet it can't correct them-- it can't even suggest a correction. it often acts like the first letters are correct and doesn't even consider words one letter off.

    It's fairly accurate (like 97%+) so it is constantly stabbing me in the back because it's good enough to trust and then bam- it autocorrects an unexpected word.

    And no documentation on how to use it that I've seen.

  • Why would people think that?
  • ...they should have gotten a more expensive phone and not this cheap garbage from Apple! Besides that, they are typing it wrong!
  • I.T. just works.

  • I must have changed 'it' to 'I.T.' too many times.

    Wait a sec... I don't need to take all the blame, y'all probably did it too! Our fault.

    • I don't think you are far off with that. The spell checker (at least in iOS) learns as you use it, and if you type I.T. a lot maybe it did decide that is the one you prefer.

      Take a look at a site like DamnYouAutocorrect []. The spell checker did not just decide to use some of those words in horrible context from the start. The user has likely used them routinely before.

      You might have noticed it also learns names too if you routinely use ones not built in to its dictionary.

  • It makes you wonderwoman whether they ever testicle things before releasing themes.

  • The quality has really gone to sh I. T.

    typed on iPhone OS11

  • Same shit in iOS 9 on my hubby's 4S.

    Autocorrect is the most annoying thing ever.

  • I don't understand why it's I.T and not I.T. where's the missing period. Call Alex Jones because this is the real conspiracy.
  • I can't seem to replicate this issue. I wonder if there's something else going on to make this happen to these users. When I type "it" or use "it" in a sentence both of my autocorrect's first response is "it" or "It" if it's the first word in a sentence. This is on an iPhone X running iOS 11.1.2.

Swap read error. You lose your mind.