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Bangladesh Hopes To Recover $30 Million More From Cyber Heist ( 16

In February, Bangladesh's central bank was thrown under the bus after hackers stole a whopping $81 million from it. The central bank has now said it hopes to retrieve $30 million more of the stolen amount. From a report on Reuters: Hackers used stolen Bangladesh Bank credentials to try to send three dozen SWIFT messages to transfer nearly $1 billion from its Fed account. They succeeded in transferring $81 million to four accounts at Rizal Commercial Banking Corp in Manila. Most of the money was laundered through casinos in Manila. On Friday, Philippine authorities began the process of handing over $15.25 million to Bangladesh. "We are hoping to get back around $30 million which remains frozen," Bangladesh Bank deputy governor Abu Hena Mohammad Razee Hassan, who heads its financial intelligence unit, told Reuters.
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Bangladesh Hopes To Recover $30 Million More From Cyber Heist

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  • by rahvin112 ( 446269 ) on Monday November 14, 2016 @12:33PM (#53282375)

    They weren't "thrown under the bus". They allowed their credentials to be stolen and used. The rest of the banking world isn't obligated to protect a central bank from their own lax security. Those credentials should have been guarded with the highest security possible and a full time team of personal dedicated to monitoring and protecting those credentials, like every other nation on earth.

    They want to blame everyone else for their own mistake, and just like every third world nation they pointed their fingers at the US for not stopping a transaction that was originated with the central bank's credentials. The fault was theirs and theirs alone. The system worked exactly as it should have, no other bank or country should be questioning or blocking transactions initiated by the central bank of another nation.

  • And here we see the consequences,private entrepreneurs try to liberate stolen money and put it to good use, in productive casinos and gambling dens, but big government can't stand that, so it works together to steal even more money from the people.

    If this were gold, nobody would stand for it.

  • While we are following up at this story, do we know what happened to the security researcher that disapeared after accusing the central bank of poor security practice []?