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Repeated DDoS Attacks Force Coinkite Bitcoin Wallet To Close Down Web Service 35

An anonymous reader writes: Coinkite, one of the earliest Web-based Bitcoin wallet services, has announced plans to discontinue its service and focus on a hardware-based Bitcoin products, all because of a barrage of relentless DDoS attacks that has been plaguing the company ever since 2012. The company plans to focus on hardware-based Bitcoin products such as PoS terminals, USB sticks, and professional servers. "Being a centralized bitcoin service does attract attention from state actors and other well-funded pains-in-the-butt, and as a matter of fact, we've been under DDoS since the first month we launched -- over three years -- yay. Plus we have put real fiat dollars into our lawyers' pockets to defend our customers from their own governments. This is not what we love to do, which is coding and delivering awesome services," the Coinkite team explained.
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Repeated DDoS Attacks Force Coinkite Bitcoin Wallet To Close Down Web Service

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  • Instead of script kiddies and organised crime trying to make a buck with their botnets.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    IT hint.
    Next time start with halfway decent servers so the first time a customer visits, they don't kill your service right away.

    DDOS for the past 4 years .... please!
    Now focusing on POS terminals and hardware .... ohhh gawd, no!

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