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Sony Fixes Flubbed Dash Download ( 39

New submitter FourG writes: Not much fanfare (which is to be expected given the niche of the device now) but it looks like Sony posted a fix for the much maligned "can't download dashboard" error. It requires a USB key and can't be done over-the-air. My Dash required a factor reset afterward before it successfully downloaded the dashboard, but YMMV...
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Sony Fixes Flubbed Dash Download

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  • I have no idea... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by rhodium_mir ( 2876919 ) on Sunday March 27, 2016 @05:54AM (#51786005)

    I have no idea what the summary is talking about.

    • It's talking about a sony bug that got fixed but needs some sort of reset.

      I hope you have an idea now. If you ever figure out more about it, let me know too. I'm still lost to what they are talking about.

      • Summary mentions something about a "dashboard", so I'm guessing it's a solution to that problem some Sony Walkmans had with the buttons, and the Dolby NR switch in particular.

        No wonder you can't download that over the air, I never saw a Sony cassette player with networking built in! (cough)

        In all seriousness, it looks like this is a follow-up to an earlier story in which owners of devices based around DASH (Sony's me-too competitor to Chumby) had problems caused by Sony's servers. I was actually surpris
      • My parents have one. The story is, on March 1st, every single one of these things broke, worldwide. They threw some kind of error about not being able to "download a dashboard" and wouldn't do anything but show that error. Apparently, three weeks later, now there's a complicated fix.

    • I'm still trying to figure out what a "factor reset" is. Is it anything like a "factory reset"?

      Are we all speaking the same language?
    • by DeVilla ( 4563 )
      It's a follow up to an previous article about a busted "cloud" enabled device from sony. The previous article didn't really explain much either. If you cared enough to investigate the prior article you'd probably understand this one. If you didn't care about the prior story, well, it probably didn't get any more interesting.
  • Description, editing (Score:5, Informative)

    by digitalderbs ( 718388 ) on Sunday March 27, 2016 @06:12AM (#51786041)

    The Dash appears to be a much maligned [] alarm clock tablet by Sony. I guess this fix addresses some of the issues owners have had and complained about.

    I personally find the target audience for this device hard to envision. I guess it's for people that aren't satisfied with a simple alarm clock and either don't want to bring a tablet to bed or don't own one. No thank you.

    Finally, a note about editing. If a script can do a better job editing, maybe you shouldn't be an editor. I really don't think this summary was looked at by a person, in which case: Whiplash, please hire developers to make better editing scripts. The summaries should contain information about the device, why we might want to care, and the issue with the device--none of which show up in this summary.

  • The product page for the Sony Dash [] does not really shed any more light on what it is, but the pictures indicate it is a clunky tablet-like device which you can be stood on a table against a backdrop of different home furnishings, mostly in soft focus.

    A Sony press release from 2010 [] says that:

    Sony today announced that its new Dash, a Wi-Fi touch screen device that pushes real-time, personalized Internet content to users in their homes or offices ... Featuring a 7-inch color touch screen, Dash uses your existing wireless internet connection to provide a continuous display of your selections from over 1,000 free apps, many provided by chumby industries ...

    Apparently "Chumby Industries" is a service provider for this sort of device which, according to its own website, had "year-long hiatus [] sometime relatively recently.

    So it looks as if those who stuck with the devic

    • Oops — an extraneous "you" in the first line.

    • Dash is Sony's implementation of Chumby, with additional video codecs. People bought it instead of Chumby because of those codecs, and in spite of it saying Sony on it.

    • by Jhon ( 241832 )

      "The product page for the Sony Dash [] does not really shed any more light on what it is, but the pictures indicate it is a clunky tablet-like device which you can be stood on a table against a backdrop of different home furnishings, mostly in soft focus."

      How about some better context? Like it's not a "tablet" -- clunky or otherwise. It's a clock. It has some functions in common with tablets -- or phones -- or PCs but it doesn't make a TV a "clunky phone" if it has Skype -- or a phone a "clunky P

  • I thought we were all boycotting Sony since the rootkit fiasco and PS3 firmware feature removal?

  • Regarding the Dash, they are/were devices from Sony running a licensed and tweaked version of the Chumby software, but communicating only with Sony servers.

    Regarding the current status of Chumby, the company folded several years ago, though the servers were kept up for somewhat longer by investors in hopes of finding a market. Once that fell through, one of the Chumby employees purchased the bulk of what was left for what I suspect was a nominal amount, put up a server to provide basic clock capabilities wh
  • Somehow, knowledge of what the Dash actually is escaped me. From reading the various posts I have learned that it is "much maligned," has suffered from serious recent problems, and that the fixed for such is also fucked up. I was certainly not surprised to learn it is a Sony product (may their entrails be eaten by scorpions.) With luck, I will forget all about it by dinner time.
  • I stopped using mine a few years ago after the channels started to slowly disappear. Yes, it was an over glorified alarm clock. But it was nice to glance at various pages that scrolled by like traffic cameras, weather, news stories, etc. When it became simply a clock I was done with it.

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