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Google Announces 'End-To-End' Encryption Extension For Chrome 100

Nexus Unplugged (2495076) writes 'On their security blog today, Google announced a new Chrome extension called "End-To-End" intended to make browser-based encryption of messages easier for users. The extension, which was rumored to be "underway" a couple months ago, is currently in an "alpha" version and is not yet available pre-packaged or in the Chrome Web Store. It utilizes a Javascript implementation of OpenPGP, meaning that your private keys are never sent to Google. However, if you'd like to use the extension on multiple machines, its keyring is saved in localStorage, which can be encrypted with a passphrase before being synced. The extension still qualifies for Google's Vulnerability Reward Program, and joins a host of PGP-related extensions already available for Chrome.' Google also published a report showing how much email is encrypted in transit between Gmail addresses and those from other providers.
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Google Announces 'End-To-End' Encryption Extension For Chrome

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  • by ShieldW0lf ( 601553 ) on Tuesday June 03, 2014 @06:58PM (#47160619) Journal

    Challenge Accepted!!

    They want to allow people to be reassured that they have "enough" privacy by giving them tools that will protect them from other end users learning their secrets, whatever they've decided those secrets should be.

    Their saleable advantage is that they can let people manipulate you. They've been using mass analysis of mail as a way to better do that since their mail services were invite only.

    They want you to be satisfied with them not just invading your privacy, not just manipulating you with what they learn, but manipulating you for anyone who wants to pay.

    But don't worry, your data is secure in transit!

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