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DARPA Unveils Hack-Resistant Drone 107

savuporo (658486) writes with news based on the work of a DARPA project known as High Assurance Cyber Military Systems: "'The Pentagon's research arm unveiled a new drone built with secure software that "prevents the control and navigation of the aircraft from being hacked. ... The software is designed to make sure a hacker cannot take over control of a UAS. The software is mathematically proven to be invulnerable to large classes of attack,' [HACMS program manager Kathleen] Fisher said." This is currently being demoed on a quad-copter platform. It would be interesting to know the CPU architecture, chipset, programming language and the suite of communication protol this thing uses ."
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DARPA Unveils Hack-Resistant Drone

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  • Frosty piss (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 24, 2014 @04:47AM (#47082013)
    There ain't no such thing as 'hacker-resistant'.
  • How long (Score:5, Insightful)

    by vikingpower ( 768921 ) on Saturday May 24, 2014 @04:52AM (#47082019) Homepage Journal
    before someone takes over one of these babies ? I mean - for a challenge, this is about the same thing as waving a kilogram of prime steak in front of a pride of lions...
  • This is just silly (Score:4, Insightful)

    by rebelwarlock ( 1319465 ) on Saturday May 24, 2014 @05:29AM (#47082095)
    How many ways is this ridiculous? In the summary alone, you have quite a lot of nonsense. First, they brag about secure software. Your software is supposed to be secure, especially for something like this. You don't get bonus points because you thought about security where weapons were concerned. That's like bragging about not shitting your pants. Of course their security software is designed to prevent hacking - that's the point. Then you have the mathematical proof, which is just a fancy way of saying they ran a code analysis tool and their software totes doesn't have buffer overflow vulnerabilities, guys! If they really got fancy with it, maybe they could test it against real life security penetration testers, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • This is just silly (Score:5, Insightful)

    by craigminah ( 1885846 ) on Saturday May 24, 2014 @05:41AM (#47082125)
    No kidding. I wouldn't even say "he hasn't missed a field goal in 43 attempts, this is a chip shot" because you'll put a rook on it and fail somehow. Heck, the US Government can't even put up a fricking (healthcare) website so how can they expect to succeed at making a "hacker proof drone"? 'Mathematically-proven" is like using the word "clinical" in front of a toothpaste...means nothing other than to hype a product...
  • Re:Frosty piss (Score:5, Insightful)

    by The Snowman ( 116231 ) on Saturday May 24, 2014 @09:37AM (#47082687)

    There ain't no such thing as 'hacker-resistant'.

    Yep, I especially loved this gem from the summary:

    The software is mathematically proven to be invulnerable to large classes of attack

    Anyone who knows anything about software and crypto knows you cannot make the software "invulnerable" to attacks. You can greatly decrease the number of bugs and known attack vectors. You can make it infeasible to brute-force your system using a realistic amount of computing power. But you do not know what you do now know, and the system cannot be 100% secure.

    I would love to see how they "mathematically proved" it is 100% secure (invulnerable, remember).

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