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Born In the NSA: These Former Spies Are Starting Companies of Their Own 57

First time accepted submitter ElyKahn (3637855) writes "The diaspora of startups with an NSA pedigree is rapidly growing. These startups, such as Sqrrl, Virtru, and Synack, are typically security-focused and often are commercializing technology projects from the NSA. However, coming from the NSA is a dual-edged sword... the technology is world-class and cutting-edge, but they must also fight the viewpoint of some that the startups are merely a front for the NSA."
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Born In the NSA: These Former Spies Are Starting Companies of Their Own

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 02, 2014 @08:27AM (#46898075)

    I was BORED in the NSA
    I was BORED in the NSA

    Born down in a dead man's town
    The first door kick I took down hit the ground
    End up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up

    Got in a little public network jam
    So they put a rifle in my hand
    Sent me off to my own land
    To go and kill the geeky man

    Come back home to commercial land
    Hiring man said "son if it was up to me"
    Went down to see my P.I. man
    He said "son, don't you understand"

  • by Rosco P. Coltrane ( 209368 ) on Friday May 02, 2014 @08:35AM (#46898119)

    The NSA has its grubby little paws everywhere. Whether the company is in bed with them willingly is another matter.

    I know a many European business owners who think twice or more before doing business with *any* US company, just because the US surveillance state isn't far behind.

  • No such thing (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Charliemopps ( 1157495 ) on Friday May 02, 2014 @09:17AM (#46898389)

    There is no such thing as a former KGB man.

    Vladimir Putin - May 2000

  • by JaredOfEuropa ( 526365 ) on Friday May 02, 2014 @09:30AM (#46898473) Journal
    Not sure if the situation is quite as bad here, but it's getting pretty bizarre. Apparently, British Intelligence gave (secret) advise to the Dutch intelligence services on how to circumvent legal objections to perform wiretaps, as evidenced by communication leaked by Snowden. When such practises were questioned in parliament, concern was expressed that limiting the amount of spying by Dutch intelligence services would mean that they'd have fewer data to trade with the NSA. Apparently these agencies have a tit-for-tat policy... By the way, the body that expressed that concern was not the intelligence agency, nor was it parliament, but the oversight committee that is supposed to keep an eye on intelligence agencies. Somehow, that doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling that my rights are assured...

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