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DVRs Used To Attack Synology Disk Stations and Mine Bitcoin 75

UnderAttack (311872) writes "The SANS Internet Storm Center got an interesting story about how some of the devices scanning its honeypot turned out to be infected DVRs. These DVRs are commonly used to record footage from security cameras, and likely got infected themselves due to weak default passwords (12345). Now they are being turned into bots (but weren't they bots before that?) and are used to scan for Synology Disk Stations who are vulnerable. In addition, these DVRs now also run a copy of a bitcoin miner. Interestingly, all of this malware is compiled for ARM CPUs, so this is not a case of standard x86 exploits that happen to hit an embedded system/device."
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DVRs Used To Attack Synology Disk Stations and Mine Bitcoin

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  • Counterfeit (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Oligonicella ( 659917 ) on Tuesday April 01, 2014 @01:24AM (#46628233)
    These should be considered counterfeit. True, they are probably good bitcoins in the accuracy department, but by no stretch of the imagination could they be considered legitimately mined. Is there a mechanism built into the bitcoin structure that allows for this and voids the coins?

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