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McAfee Brand Name Will Be Replaced By Intel Security 180

An anonymous reader writes "At CES 2014 today, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the McAfee brand name will be phased out and replaced by 'Intel Security,' which will identify Intel products and services in the security segment. The rebranding will begin immediately, but the transition will take up to a year before it is complete." The BBC reports that John McAfee is happy with the decision: "'I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users. ... My elation at Intel's decision is beyond words.'"
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McAfee Brand Name Will Be Replaced By Intel Security

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  • by Joce640k ( 829181 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @11:47AM (#45887917) Homepage

    I'd like to be the first to thank Brian for warning us in advance, I'll be sure to add it to my list of banned products.

  • Re:Interesting... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Vanderhoth ( 1582661 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:02PM (#45888047)

    as I and everyone I know stopped using it years ago.

    I frigg'n wish. Unfortunately my incompetent security group insists on McAfee. Most people in my office don't even come in on Tuesdays anymore because that's virus scan day. It starts a 1AM and nothing on your machine will work until at least 3PM. If you don't turn your machine on until 7 or 8 PM you'll be lucking to get out of the office by bedtime. McAfee has absolutely no ability to scale CPU usage, it's 100% all the time.

  • Re:Interesting... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by jd2112 ( 1535857 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:08PM (#45888101)

    But what's even more interesting is that John McAfee uses a Flowbee to cut his hair.

    Sorry, I forgot all about McAfee "anti" virus software until this story, as I and everyone I know stopped using it years ago.

    The difference between a virus and an antivirus is that antivirus tends to consume more resources, do much more damage, and are generally more difficult to remove than a virus.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:08PM (#45888103)
    NSA BINGO!! I called it first. (It's for the person who calls out the first offtopic NSA comment made by some douche bag who thinks he is very clever).
  • by rvw ( 755107 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:12PM (#45888135)

    So does this mean Intel is likely to fix things and stop being malware, or just business as usual and a increasing the need for ever faster processors to run ever bloated and invasive software?

    Next up: Intel Secure Core with integrated virusscanning.

  • by Lumpy ( 12016 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:28PM (#45888283) Homepage

    Just like how comcast became Xfinity.... Same sucky service with a new name.

    It's a hasbeen craptastic AV suite that is so over bloated it's not funny. IF intel hires all new programmers and cuts out 1/2 or more of the utter crap that slows everything down to a crawl, they might have a chance..

    But I know it's going to be a failure. Intel might be better off just selling the assets off to an unsuspecting patsy.

  • Re:Interesting... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mlts ( 1038732 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:42PM (#45888429)

    The biggest reason to use McAfee is because it has antivirus scanners for AIX, SPARC Solaris, Linux, and other UNIX variants.

    Not like this does a single thing useful. However, it does make the legal eagles happy, and in a lot of companies, they have some sworn statement that all computers on their network have antivirus on them... which means when you cut yourself another LPAR, you toss on McAfee and two cron jobs. One updates the definitions, the second does a filesystem scan. It won't ever detect anything but a false positive (barring the machine being used to store documents or Windows stuff), but it does check that box.

    As for Windows, I just use the enterprise version of MSE (System Center Endpoint Protection.) All AV products suck, so might as well use something that is ICSA certified, makes the legal eagles happy, and doesn't completely useless-ify a machine. For the real malware protection, a content filter that blocks ad and malware sites by IP is used, in combination with a decent IDS/IPS.

  • Re:Interesting... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by hazem ( 472289 ) on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @03:01PM (#45890187) Journal

    Norton Utilities was amazing at the time. I remember using his disk sector editor to find the sectors of a friend's thesis (only copy of course) and rebuild the FAT for the floppy so she could copy her thesis to another disk. The tools were just so well done.

    I also learned the bigger part of x86 assembly from Peter Norton's book. It had fantastic examples - like building a basic disk sector editor. Ah, here it is: []

  • Re:Interesting... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Tuesday January 07, 2014 @09:42PM (#45893905) Journal

    And you don't know how many times I've had to deal with an infected PC that was "protected" by some trialware version of Norton or McCrappie from 7-9 years ago. People got trained by al the trialware to just click "no" or "cancel" that they never bothered to read it and then were shocked, shocked I tell you, when their PC became so infected I had to nuke from orbit. Back then we gave folks AVG and now I give them Avast or Comodo IS depending on their skill level but we always avoided Norton and mcCrappie like the clap, worse on any PC than the bugs we'd always say.

    I still don't know why Intel bought that garbage but if it means mcCrappie is gonna be bundled with Intel PCs? One more reason to buy AMD I guess.

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