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Facebook Security IT

Facebook Rolled Its Own 0Day For Red Team Exercise 40

chicksdaddy writes "Threatpost has the story of the extreme — even hair-raising — lengths that Facebook's incident response team has gone to in order to prepare the company's staff to be hacked. Among the methods described at the CanSecWest Conference: 'Operation Loopback' in 2012, which was designed to mimic an APT-style attack from China and used what appears to be an internally developed exploit for an internally discovered 0day. From the article: 'McGeehan and his team this time identified a likely attacker — China — and decided to impersonate its tactics. For this one, they recruited an internal engineer as an accomplice. They wanted to get a backdoor into Facebook's production code, so they sent a spear-phishing email containing exploit code for a live zero-day vulnerability to the engineer. He dutifully clicked the link and his machine was promptly compromised. (McGeehan would not identify which product the vulnerability affected, nor how the Facebook team came into possession of it, but said that they disclosed it to the affected vendor before the Loopback exercise and used it before the patch was publicly available.)' Ouch!"
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Facebook Rolled Its Own 0Day For Red Team Exercise

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