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Japanese Police Offers First-Ever Reward For Wanted Hacker 63

alphadogg writes "Japanese police are looking for an individual who can code in C#, uses a 'Syberian Post Office' to make anonymous posts online, and knows how to surf the web without leaving any digital tracks — and they're willing to pay. It is the first time that Japan's National Police Agency has offered a monetary reward for a wanted hacker, or put so much technical detail into one of its wanted postings. The NPA will pay up to $36,000, the maximum allowed under its reward system. The case is an embarrassing one for the police, in which earlier this year 4 individuals were wrongly arrested after their PCs were hacked and used to post messages on public bulletin boards. The messages included warnings of plans for mass killings at an elementary school posted to a city website."
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Japanese Police Offers First-Ever Reward For Wanted Hacker

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  • I think hackers have more to fear from the mafia underground than legal authorities.

    LOL, Does your made for Hollywood vision of script kiddies getting swept up in a sea of crime star a young Angelina Jolie flying through 3D cyberspace with her trusty RISC and spray-painted Kom-Pu-Tah? If you ask me, that's a market niche worth mining.

    Oi, Tony, get a load of this prick 'ere pissin' on our cyber-turf? What do you say we pay 'em a lil' visit and make 'em an offer they can't refuse?

    Look, Guido, I know you flunked school -- and fuck teachers -- but this little pissant isn't worth a fuckkin' trip to Japan, you simple non-geographically inclined muther fukker. Besides, we got a deal with the Yakuza, we don't slice their sushi, and they don't bust our meatballs. Capiche?

    Boss-san, my re-pourt: A skeript kehddie crahk-ed sivral of low-cal kom-pu-tah, make poust on line, distrak poulice.

    IDDIOHT! What I pay yiu fo?! Not dis! Hak moh! Make money! No skeript keds! Lucky yiu un-kal my borther!

"So why don't you make like a tree, and get outta here." -- Biff in "Back to the Future"