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Android Hackers Honing Skills In Russia 98

MikeatWired writes "The malware business growing around Google Android — now the leading smartphone operating system — is still in its infancy. Today, many of the apps built to steal money from Android users originate from Russia and China, so criminal gangs there have become cyber-trailblazers. Sophos and Symantec on Wednesday released their latest Android malware discoveries written in Russian. While the language narrows the number of potential victims, the social-engineering tactics used to get Android users to install the malware is universal. The gang tracked by Sophos is using fake antivirus scanners, while Symantec is tracking cybercriminals using mobile websites to offer bogus versions of popular games. Sophos says the criminals are like other entrepreneurs launching startups. They're starting in Russia, but have far greater ambitions. 'I don't think we can say that they're necessarily using it as a testing ground — think of it more as a local business that as it grows may gain multinational ambitions,' Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said in an email interview on Wednesday. The cyber scam tracked by Sophos was reported this week by GFI Lab, which discovered links to the bogus antivirus software on Twitter. Sophos dug deeper and found that the .ru domains pointed to the same Internet protocol address hosted in Ukraine."
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Android Hackers Honing Skills In Russia

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  • Why bother (Score:5, Funny)

    by symbolset ( 646467 ) * on Thursday May 17, 2012 @10:05PM (#40036807) Journal
    With android isn't it just easier to write a legitimate app and just rake in the cash? I don't see the reasoning behind going through all the extra effort, the money laundering, etc.
    • Reaction (Score:5, Funny)

      by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Thursday May 17, 2012 @10:07PM (#40036835)

      With android isn't it just easier to write a legitimate app and just rake in the cash?


      • I've made over $5K off a single live wallpaper. How much have you made on iOS?

        • I've made over $5K off a single live wallpaper.

          That's nice.

          How much have you made on iOS?

          More, but it's really crude to bring up specifics.

          As a consultant you can do pretty well in either space, but if you are trying to sell an app for money you are going to do better (much better) on iOS still. That's regardless of genre...

          But my reaction was really platform neutral. You cannot simply "whip something up" as the OP seemed to imply, and get rich the way the guys with the exploits are getting rich off burg

          • meh, I dont know how to program in objective C (i've had a look at it). I can use C/C++, java, python, perl, and have used forms of BASIC in the past too.

            I could possibly make more money on iOS, however I'm not really interested. It could just as easily be a huge waste of my time, due to the size of the market now.

            So yeah, in the context of commercial development I would have to say you're right, but there is still A market on Android, even if it isn't as lucrative as the others.

          • If you live off ad-revenue, then neither Android or iOS is going to feed you. One of our iOS apps manged to fall to 0.006 eCPM while pubCenter (WP7) has 0.4 - 1.3 eCPM for the same app
    • With android isn't it just easier to write a legitimate app and just rake in the cash? I don't see the reasoning behind going through all the extra effort, the money laundering, etc.

      Oh dear god that's a good joke. Every single developer is saying that Android makes them the least amount of income. Even Windows Phone 7 is better. iPhone is on top.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Long, long time Android user and never had a problem. Then again, I don't download fart apps or pretty women wallpapers.

  • Bah, you kids and your silly Russian hackers. Back in my day, when an android got hacked, it ended up going on a spree and killing half the town.
  • It will be just like Windows. I recommend installing Common Sense 2012. Seriously, people need to start learning information street smarts so to speak. If they were walking home and some dude in a trench coat popped out and said "You're sick! Quick, bend over and let me give you this suppository!" would they listen to him? Every time someone throws up the "I'm not computer savvy" excuse card I want to punch them in the face. It's like wrecking your car and telling the mechanic "I don't know how to dr
    • I have found it very easy to avoid malware on my android phone. Most apps that seem fishy are pretty obvious, and I pay attention to what the app wants to be able to do as for as permissions go. If an app needs more permissions than I'm willing to give, then I generally don't bother. I have a few free apps that are ad supported... and I generally don't go trolling for sex and fart apps (as has been mentioned elsewhere in this discussion...)

      Yes, openness has its drawbacks. But like Jefferson said... (paraphr

  • So do we really want Linux to become the major operating system for the desktop given what is happening in a different place where it has become dominant. In evolutionary terms, all extraordinarily successful types of creature come from the fringe of a core group, move somewhere else, and then return (or not). We tend to look at Linux as a creature alone but it stands at the branch of a tree that started with Mulics in 1964. We are the inheritors and the guardians of this gift.
  • I those parts it is almost impossible for young men and women to start a legitimate business.

    A start up is to pay up to 135 types of taxes. Regulations change almost daily. One needs an army of accountants and lawyers just to think of starting operations.

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