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Bug Google IOS Technology

Google's iOS Gmail App Pulled 90

olsmeister writes "Google removed their new GMail app from the App Store due to a programming error that caused an error message related to the aps-environment entitlement string when the app was started and also caused the notifications not to function correctly. They are working to get the app fixed and are going to have the new one ready soon."
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Google's iOS Gmail App Pulled

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  • by jo_ham ( 604554 ) <joham999&gmail,com> on Wednesday November 02, 2011 @04:46PM (#37926152)

    I think it's more to head off the inevitable "It's gone from the store!!!! Apple deleted it!!!!! Evil!! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!" that would result if they just silently took it down for coding work.

    By all accounts it really lived up to the name "beta" - even if Google's version of "beta" tends to be a little more polished.

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