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Anonymous Leaks New Batch of Data 53

Orome1 writes "Anonymous has made available for download another batch of data, including those belonging to the Zimbabwean government, Mosman Municipal Council, Universal Music Group Partners (umusic.com's usernames/passwords and other data), Viacom (internal mapping of Viacom and its servers) and Brazilian Government (dumps and passwords)."
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Anonymous Leaks New Batch of Data

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  • Good for them (Score:3, Interesting)

    by tmosley ( 996283 ) on Thursday June 30, 2011 @05:57PM (#36628330)
    I enjoy seeing nasty people like record executives and genocidal maniacs having their dirty laundry aired. I wish we had more detail, though.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      Now that they've dealt with Zimbabwe, maybe they can find out what's going on with all those Nigerian princes.
    • I had no idea that the people of Mosman (population 26000) elected genocidal maniacs to their Council, and for some reason I had thought that Brazil was a functioning democracy.
      • by PC and Sony Fanboy ( 1248258 ) on Thursday June 30, 2011 @06:17PM (#36628546) Journal

        I had no idea that the people of Mosman (population 26000) elected genocidal maniacs to their Council, and for some reason I had thought that Brazil was a functioning democracy.

        Eh, it's because you use linux. Don't worry too much about it, no one pays attention to what you think anyways.

      • by lennier ( 44736 )

        and for some reason I had thought that Brazil was a functioning democracy.

        Heh. Yes, Brazilian democracy functions exactly as designed if you're rich and know the right people. If you live in a favela... maybe not so much.

        • So, essentially, like most other democracies today?

      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        by scubamage ( 727538 )
        Brazil is a democracy, but not functioning very well. In Rio gang warfare is bad enough that it was considered worse than a warzone, and there is a hell of a lot of corruption. The only reason you don't hear a lot about it is because they depend on tourism. Source: best friend lived there 3 years as an inner city teacher. Also told me to stay in tourist areas if visiting, the population in general doesn't like Americans/Europeans.
        • Re:Good for them (Score:5, Informative)

          by vbraga ( 228124 ) on Thursday June 30, 2011 @07:24PM (#36629112) Journal

          the population in general doesn't like Americans/Europeans

          Also told me to stay in tourist areas if visiting,

          Not at all.

          Tourist area means the what cariocas call the "South Zone" (and parts of the "West Zone", namely Barra). This is where Rio's own middle class lives. Going far from this area doesn't mean trouble not just for tourists, it means trouble for middle (or upper) class Brazilians and tourists alike #)

          While tourism is a significant share of the Rio economy, it's also hard to say that Rio depends on it.

          Living in Rio as a teacher, unless your friend was teaching at a (big) University, actually sucks because salaries actually suck. A relative of mine who works as a teacher earns about a 1/10 of I earn as a software developer. This immense gap between the middle class and the poor has always been the root of most of Rio social problems.

          Despite left wing protesters, I think no one care about Americans or Europeans. The only place where I could sense a dislike of tourists (Italians, actually) was in Fortaleza (northeastern Brazil). Most Italian tourists there go there for sexual tourism and, often, children exploitation. There was a general feeling among many people I met that the city would be better off without the tourists.

          • Awesome! She was there teaching high school, and had some stories to tell (she was in Rio). Also...

            English is not my first language. Corrections and suggestions are welcome.

            Your English as a second language is better than many people who speak it as a first language. You should be very proud. :)

        • the population in general doesn't like Americans/Europeans.

          No, they love white people in Brazil. They have the same cultural self-hate for dark skin as everyone else. If you're white and fair and tall expect to be called a German all the time though.

    • I wish we had more detail, though.

      Well, that's kinda why they release it like this, to crowd-source the digging. Go look for something! ...or just wait a couple days, I'm sure stuff will come out soon, like what happened with LulzSec's dump of the Arizona law enforcement data. I'll admit I haven't heard a whole lot about that, but there were some posts on BoingBoing a day or two later detailing some of the more interesting bits.

  • When we secure servers with fear and obscurity. Looks like no one is safe, they all have less than ideal set ups.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm too lazy to look up the internal mapping of viacom, so could someone who looked at it just let me know where Pauly Shore fits into the layout? Thanks.
    • Turns out, Pauly Shore is actually behind the Bilderbergs, the Federal Reserve, the Illuminati (which isn't as cool anymore), and more ... they gave all that power just so he wouldn't make a new movie. Yahoo Serious is second in command. Steve Guttenberg of course retired..

  • by Anonymous Coward

    How dare they tarnish the good name of The Unuited States of America !!

  • what's that? Most IT entities i've worked with (small business) don't have dedicated security teams, they have critical personal information that would make identity theft cheezy ez, but not security. The assumption has always been this can't happen to us, and chances are it never will, but NOW the "it may happen to us" mentality is starting to take over. Good time to work in the IT security sector, though some of the people I've met from there make me giggle :)
  • Torrent or it didn't happen ;)

  • Is Anonymous trying to support the Wiki-leaks movement but explicitly not sayin it?

  • by Jane Q. Public ( 1010737 ) on Thursday June 30, 2011 @08:21PM (#36629508)
    The article has it wrong. This is a group calling itself AntiSec (not an "AntiSec release" by Anonymous), which claims that it is a successor to, but different from, LulzSec.

    In fact, the announcement of the release was so clear on that point that I do not see how the author of that article could have easily made that mistake.

    I suppose it's possible that it's Anonymous claiming to be somebody else, but it is indeed a group claiming to be different from Anonymous, and I have neither seen or heard of any evidence that Anonymous was involved at all.
    • When AntiSec was originally announced, it was as a collaborative project between Anonymous and LulzSec. So yes, this is definitely related to Anonymous.

      • Interesting, because I thought that WAS the original announcement of AntiSec, and I saw it with my own eyes, and Anonymous was not mentioned.

        I'm not saying you are wrong. But if there was some prior announcement, I would be interested to know where/when it was.
        • See this [abc.net.au]. Quote:

          Welcome to Operation Anti-Security (#AntiSec) - we encourage any vessel, large or small, to open fire on any government or agency that crosses their path. We fully endorse the flaunting of the word "AntiSec" on any government website defacement or physical graffiti art. We encourage you to spread the word of AntiSec far and wide, for it will be remembered. To increase efforts, we are now teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships.

  • Is this news because they were hacked, or because they had computers to put data onto in the first place?

  • Sounds interesting, if only as a look into how they prioritized security of their subsystems...

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