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User Journal

sm62704's Journal: A Letter from Prison

Journal by sm62704


How things going? Same old thing? I am writing to you because I am so bored and I thought that you would like to hear some of the fascinating facts from prison! That and of course you just couldn't wait to get a letter from am inmate in prison for the first time in your life!

These are little known but true-life tidbits, or maybe you would like to check them out just to see if they are really true.

  1. The state is paid $30,000 / yr per inmate. How much do you think is truly spent on inmates especially the ones that get 1 yr. and are there 61 days?
  2. Also did you know that there is a correctional officer here who is an actual member of the KKK? He was actually on the Jerry Springer show. When we came here several people recognized him after about a week we have not seen him since. He was what they call a white shirt. Which means a higher ranking officer!

Another thing that really bothers me is they don't give you enought to drink and then they tell you to drink the water if you get thirsty. But none of them drink it they are drinking soda or bottled water! Some of them carry a gallon jug around to make sure that they don't run out!

I think everybody is in for a surprise when I get back. I don't want to go back to my old ways I think I have changed for the better! Have any of you? I guess I will find out and so will you! Write me if you can find a stamp & if you can spare the time!


P.S. Don't make any bets on me unless you are willing to bet on yourself doing the same! You know what I mean?

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A Letter from Prison

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