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Monday November 30, 2015 @10:35PM Sued For Using HTTPS: Companies In Crypto Patent Fight
Monday November 30, 2015 @01:06PM Young Climate Activists Sue Obama Over Climate Change Inaction
Sunday November 29, 2015 @10:36AM Swedish Court Says ISPs Can't Be Forced To Block Pirate Bay
Friday November 27, 2015 @07:39AM Czech Judge Cuts Deal With Software Pirate: Get 200K YouTube Views Or Pay Huge Fine
Wednesday November 25, 2015 @04:10PM Insurer Refuses To Cover Cox In Massive Piracy Lawsuit
Tuesday November 24, 2015 @12:53PM Judge Wipes Out Safe Harbor Provision In DMCA, Makes Cox Accomplice of Piracy
Monday November 23, 2015 @10:37PM Disney IT Workers Prepare To Sue Over Foreign Replacements
Monday November 23, 2015 @02:50PM "Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed Seeking $15 Million In Damages
Thursday November 19, 2015 @10:17AM New Anti-Piracy Law In Australia Already Being Abused
Wednesday November 18, 2015 @06:09PM Taxi Owners Sue NYC Over Uber, While Court Overrules Class-Action Appeal
Wednesday November 18, 2015 @01:19PM Facebook Can Block Content Without Explanation, Says US Court
Thursday November 12, 2015 @09:26AM Prison Hack Shows Attorney-Client Privilege Violation
Thursday November 12, 2015 @08:45AM Tor Project Claims FBI Paid University Researchers $1m To Unmask Tor Users
Monday November 09, 2015 @03:36PM US Judge Rules Against NSA In Phone Spying Case
Sunday November 08, 2015 @08:44AM AMD Sued Over Allegedly Misleading Bulldozer Core Count
Monday November 02, 2015 @12:28AM Harvard Project Aims To Put Every Court Decision Online, For Free
Monday November 02, 2015 @12:25AM Crime Lab Scandals Just Keep Getting Worse
Wednesday October 28, 2015 @12:00PM Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Sue Over Classification As Contractors
Thursday October 22, 2015 @03:13PM Court Finds "Pinning" On the Internet To Be Fair Use
Thursday October 22, 2015 @07:19AM EU Rules Bitcoin Is a Currency, Exchanges Are VAT-Exempt
Thursday October 22, 2015 @07:10AM Apple Tells US Judge It's 'Impossible' To Break Through Locks On New iPhones
Sunday October 18, 2015 @08:16PM Amazon Lawsuit Aims To Kill Fake Reviews
Thursday October 08, 2015 @06:02PM SIgn Of the Times: Calif. Privacy Protections Signed Into Law
Thursday October 08, 2015 @11:23AM Former Reuters Media Editor Found Guilty of Helping Anonymous Hack Into LA Times
Friday October 02, 2015 @06:05PM A Broke Fan Owes $5,400 For Pokemon-Themed Party Posters
Thursday October 01, 2015 @05:16PM East Texas Judge Throws Out 168 Patent Cases
Wednesday September 30, 2015 @08:14PM Google and Microsoft Agree To Stand Down In Patent Wars
Wednesday September 30, 2015 @03:43PM Legal Loophole Offers Volkswagen Criminal Immunity
Tuesday September 29, 2015 @02:05PM FBI and DEA Under Review For Misuse of NSA Mass Surveillance Data
Monday September 28, 2015 @09:49AM Phone Passwords Protected By 5th Amendment, Says Federal Court
Thursday September 24, 2015 @08:14PM Court Rules Batmobile Is Entitled To Copyright Protection
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @07:41AM "Happy Birthday To You" Now Public Domain
Tuesday September 22, 2015 @02:10PM Morgan Stanley Employee Pleads Guilty In Data Breach Case
Monday September 21, 2015 @04:29PM Michigan Sues HP Over Decade Long, $49 Million Incomplete Project
Tuesday September 15, 2015 @10:02AM YouTube 'Dancing Baby' Copyright Ruling Sets Pre-Trial Fair Use Guideline
Monday September 14, 2015 @02:24PM Google Found Guilty of "Abusing Dominant Market Position" In Russia
Friday September 11, 2015 @10:49AM California Overturns Uber's Appeal: Its Drivers Are Employees, Not Contractors
Friday September 11, 2015 @07:19AM Ellen Pao Drops Appeal of Gender Discrimination Suit
Tuesday September 08, 2015 @11:47AM Apple To FBI: Encryption Rules Out Handing Over iMessage Data In Real Time
Saturday August 29, 2015 @07:35AM A Courtroom Victory For Microsoft In Cellphone-Related Patent Suit
Friday August 28, 2015 @05:34PM Harshest Penalty for Alleged Rapist Was For Using a Computer To Arrange Contact With Teen
Thursday August 27, 2015 @12:23PM Kansas Secretary of State Blocks Release of Voting Machine Tapes
Friday August 21, 2015 @07:58PM Extortionists Begin Targeting AshleyMadison Users, Demand Bitcoin
Friday August 21, 2015 @07:50PM Germany Says Taking Photos Of Food Infringes The Chef's Copyright
Friday August 21, 2015 @05:39PM Do You Have a Right To Use Electrical Weapons?
Thursday August 20, 2015 @02:46PM Now Google Must Censor Search Results About "Right To Be Forgotten" Removals
Thursday August 20, 2015 @10:49AM Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time Users For Infringement
Thursday August 13, 2015 @05:27PM Oracle: Google Has "Destroyed" the Market For Java
Thursday August 13, 2015 @09:00AM Time Runs Out On Sweden's Sexual Assault Charges Against Julian Assange
Wednesday August 12, 2015 @10:10PM The History of the Patent Troll
Wednesday August 05, 2015 @11:44AM USC Vs. UC San Diego In Fight Over Alzheimer's Research
Saturday August 01, 2015 @09:33AM ISPs Claim Title II Regulations Don't Apply To the Internet Because "Computers"
Friday July 31, 2015 @06:56AM Interviews: Kim Dotcom Answers Your Questions
Thursday July 30, 2015 @07:35PM Germany Won't Prosecute NSA, But Bloggers
Tuesday July 28, 2015 @11:18AM Newegg Beats Patent Troll Over SSL and RC4 Encryption
Sunday July 26, 2015 @10:17PM Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Lawsuit
Friday July 24, 2015 @09:58PM Georgia Lawmakers Sue Carl Malamud For Publishing Georgia Law
Friday July 24, 2015 @06:09AM Uber Faces $410 Million Canadian Class Action Suit
Wednesday July 22, 2015 @06:52PM New York Judge Rules Against Facebook In Search Warrant Case
Wednesday July 22, 2015 @08:43AM FTC Accuses LifeLock of False Advertising Again
Tuesday July 21, 2015 @07:17AM Europe's Top Court To Decide If Uber Is Tech Firm Or Taxi Company
Monday July 20, 2015 @09:24PM Bitcoin Exempt From VAT Says European Court of Justice
Monday July 20, 2015 @08:28PM UK Government Proposes 10-Year Copyright Infringement Jail Term
Sunday July 19, 2015 @10:55PM Class Action Filed Against Sling Media
Saturday July 18, 2015 @08:30AM Data Store and Spying Laws Found Illegal By EU Court
Wednesday July 15, 2015 @05:10PM Italian Court Throws Out TripAdvisor Fine Over Bad Reviews
Monday July 13, 2015 @05:03PM "Happy Birthday" Hits Sour Notes When It Comes To Song's Free Use
Sunday July 12, 2015 @11:19PM Taking the Lawyers Out of the Loop
Sunday July 12, 2015 @11:00AM Uber Class-Action Case May Hinge On What the Drivers Want
Saturday July 11, 2015 @06:51AM Ask Slashdot: How Should Devs Deal With Trademark Trolls?
Wednesday July 08, 2015 @05:10PM Judge Calls Malibu Media "Troll", Denies Subpoena
Wednesday July 08, 2015 @01:47PM Judge Tosses Jury's $533M Patent Verdict Against Apple, Orders New Trial
Monday July 06, 2015 @09:24PM Judge Dismisses Second Conviction of Ex-Goldman Sachs Coder
Wednesday July 01, 2015 @04:27PM Federal Wiretaps Down Slightly, Encryption Impact Decreases
Tuesday June 30, 2015 @07:38AM 8 Yelp Reviewers Hit With $1.2 Million Defamation Suits
Monday June 29, 2015 @04:44PM Lawsuit Filed Over Domain Name Registered 16 Years Before Plaintiff's Use
Monday June 29, 2015 @12:56PM SCOTUS Denies Google's Request To Appeal Oracle API Case
Friday June 26, 2015 @11:07AM Supreme Court Ruling Supports Same-Sex Marriage
Tuesday June 23, 2015 @07:53AM Australia Passes Site-Blocking Legislation
Thursday June 18, 2015 @08:11AM Shuttleworth Loses $20m Battle With S. African Reserve Bank Over Expatriated Funds
Monday June 15, 2015 @05:19PM Belgian Privacy Watchdog Sues Facebook
Monday June 15, 2015 @02:39PM Restaurateur Loses Copyright Suit To BMI
Sunday June 14, 2015 @12:42AM Amazon Publishes Opaque Transparency Report
Thursday June 11, 2015 @05:27PM Appeals Court Rejects ISP Stay of Neutrality Rules
Tuesday June 09, 2015 @11:32AM HP Will Pay $100 Million To Settle Autonomy-Related Lawsuit
Monday June 08, 2015 @08:56PM Prenda Gets Hit Hard With Contempt Sanctions For Lying To Court
Monday June 08, 2015 @11:06AM Interviews: Ask Kim Dotcom a Question
Friday June 05, 2015 @10:16PM Supreme Court May Decide the Fate of APIs (But Also Klingonese and Dothraki)
Thursday June 04, 2015 @07:34AM Facebook Sued In US Court For Blocking Page In India
Tuesday June 02, 2015 @09:32AM Blackberry Defeats Typo In Court, Typo To Discontinue Sales of Keyboard
Monday June 01, 2015 @02:34PM U.S. Top Court Throws Out Pennsylvania Man's Conviction For Facebook Threats
Friday May 29, 2015 @06:24AM Murder Accusations Hang Over Silk Road Boss Ulbricht's Sentencing
Thursday May 28, 2015 @08:03AM US Justice Department Urges Supreme Court Not To Take Up Google v. Oracle
Wednesday May 27, 2015 @08:00PM High Court Orders UK ISPs To Block EBook Sites
Wednesday May 27, 2015 @12:45PM Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court
Thursday May 21, 2015 @04:25PM Australian ISP Offers Pro-bono Legal Advice To Accused Pirates
Thursday May 21, 2015 @11:25AM Take Two Sues BBC Over Drama About GTA Development
Tuesday May 19, 2015 @10:41AM Baton Bob Receives $20,000 Settlement For Coerced Facebook Post
Tuesday May 19, 2015 @07:43AM Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains
Monday May 18, 2015 @01:56PM Court of Appeals Says Samsung's Legal Payments To Apple Should Be Reduced
Friday May 15, 2015 @06:02PM Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty In Boston Marathon Bombing
Thursday May 14, 2015 @12:32PM Douglas Williams Pleads Guilty To Training Customers To Beat Polygraph
Wednesday May 13, 2015 @02:20PM Apple, A123 To Settle Lawsuit Over Poached Battery Engineers
Monday May 11, 2015 @03:58PM Worker Fired For Disabling GPS App That Tracked Her 24 Hours a Day
Thursday May 07, 2015 @09:37AM US Appeals Court Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Not Authorized By Congress
Thursday May 07, 2015 @07:18AM Grooveshark Resurrected Out of US Jurisdiction
Wednesday May 06, 2015 @04:05PM MacKeeper May Have To Pay Millions In Class-Action Suit
Tuesday May 05, 2015 @11:06AM Single Verizon IP Address Used For Hundreds of Windows 7 Activations
Tuesday May 05, 2015 @09:19AM Appeals Judge Calls Prenda an "Ingenious Crooked Extortionate Operation"
Saturday May 02, 2015 @11:25PM In Second Trial, Ex-Goldman Sachs Programmer Convicted of Code Theft
Friday May 01, 2015 @05:40PM Judge Tosses United Airlines Lawsuit Over 'Hidden City' Tickets
Thursday April 30, 2015 @10:32PM UK High Court Orders Block On Popcorn Time
Monday April 27, 2015 @10:22PM Texas Admonishes Judge For Posting Facebook Updates About Her Trials
Monday April 27, 2015 @02:58PM Supreme Court To Consider Data Aggregation Suit Against Spokeo
Thursday April 23, 2015 @05:25PM Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine
Thursday April 23, 2015 @04:59PM Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit
Tuesday April 21, 2015 @04:40PM Update: No Personhood for Chimps Yet
Monday April 20, 2015 @08:59AM DIA Polygraph Countermeasure Case Files Leaked
Sunday April 19, 2015 @08:11PM Assange Talk Spurs UK Judges To Boycott Legal Conference
Sunday April 19, 2015 @01:03AM FBI Overstated Forensic Hair Matches In Nearly All Trials Before 2000
Saturday April 18, 2015 @08:26AM LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
Thursday April 16, 2015 @05:28PM Microsoft's Role As Accuser In the Antitrust Suit Against Google
Tuesday April 14, 2015 @12:30PM Kludgey Electronic Health Records Are Becoming Fodder For Malpractice Suits
Friday April 10, 2015 @09:50PM After EFF Effort, Infamous "Podcasting Patent" Invalidated
Thursday April 09, 2015 @09:53PM Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews
Wednesday April 08, 2015 @01:37PM Verdict Reached In Boston Bombing Trial
Wednesday April 08, 2015 @12:14PM Patent Case Could Shift Power Balance In Tech Industry
Monday April 06, 2015 @02:35PM Court Mulls Revealing Secret Government Plan To Cut Cell Phone Service
Monday April 06, 2015 @02:23PM Judge Allows Divorce Papers To Be Served Via Facebook
Monday April 06, 2015 @11:57AM 'Revenge Porn' Operator Gets 18 Years In Prison
Monday April 06, 2015 @11:50AM USPTO Demands EFF Censor Its Comments On Patentable Subject Matter
Sunday April 05, 2015 @05:15PM Prosecutors Get an 'A' On Convictions of Atlanta Ed-Reform-Gone-Bad Test Cheats
Friday April 03, 2015 @06:47AM 9th Circuit Rules Netflix Isn't Subject To Disability Law
Sunday March 29, 2015 @07:06PM FCC Chairman: Net Rules Will Withstand Court Challenge
Saturday March 28, 2015 @01:03PM Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins
Friday March 27, 2015 @06:50AM Win Or Lose, Discrimination Suit Is Having an Effect On Silicon Valley
Thursday March 19, 2015 @08:05PM Target To Pay $10 Million In Proposed Settlement For 2013 Data Breach
Thursday March 19, 2015 @05:12PM Taxi Companies Sue Uber For False Advertising On Safety
Wednesday March 18, 2015 @07:17AM Not Quite Dead: SCO Linux Suit Against IBM Stirs In Utah
Saturday March 14, 2015 @08:35PM Uber Sued Over Driver Data Breach, Adding To Legal Woes
Thursday March 12, 2015 @09:07PM Fight Over Arduino Name Pits Originators Against Contract Manufacturer
Wednesday March 11, 2015 @09:55PM Court Overturns Dutch Data Retention Law, Privacy More Important
Wednesday March 11, 2015 @09:50PM $7.4 Million Blurred Lines Verdict Likely To Alter Music Business
Wednesday March 11, 2015 @09:41AM UK ISPs Quietly Block Sites That List Pirate Bay Proxies
Tuesday March 10, 2015 @07:25AM Wikimedia Foundation Files Suit Against NSA and DOJ
Thursday March 05, 2015 @04:10PM Quebecker Faces Jail For Not Giving Up Phone Password To Canadian Officials
Thursday March 05, 2015 @12:21PM Software Freedom Conservancy Funds GPL Suit Against VMWare
Wednesday March 04, 2015 @03:25PM SpaceX's Challenge Against Blue Origins' Patent Fails To Take Off
Monday March 02, 2015 @05:50PM Secret Memo Slams Canadian Police On Inaccurate ISP Request Records
Sunday March 01, 2015 @08:13AM Craig Brittain (Revenge Porn King) Sues For Use of Image
Thursday February 26, 2015 @06:34PM Patent Trolls On the Run But Not Vanquished Yet
Monday February 23, 2015 @01:47PM Lenovo Hit With Lawsuit Over Superfish Adware
Monday February 23, 2015 @01:11AM In Florida, Secrecy Around Stingray Leads To Plea Bargain For a Robber
Saturday February 21, 2015 @05:17PM Nvidia Faces Suit Over GTX970 Performance Claims
Saturday February 21, 2015 @02:16PM Antitrust Case Against Google Thrown Out of SF Court
Saturday February 21, 2015 @10:47AM Ask Slashdot: How Can Technology Improve the Judicial System?
Saturday February 21, 2015 @03:04AM Crystal Pattern Matching Recovers Obliterated Serial Numbers From Metal
Thursday February 19, 2015 @10:50PM A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees
Monday February 16, 2015 @05:14PM Wheel of Time TV Pilot Producers Sue Robert Jordan's Widow For Defamation
Monday February 16, 2015 @01:51PM Company Promises Positive Yelp Reviews For a Price; Yelp Sues
Monday February 16, 2015 @11:24AM Kim Dotcom's Lawyer Plays Down Megaupload Worker's Guilty Plea
Monday February 16, 2015 @07:39AM Online UK Courts Modelled On EBay To Settle Legal Disputes
Friday February 13, 2015 @09:09PM Notorious 8chan Board Has History Wiped After Federal Judge's Doxing
Monday February 09, 2015 @03:42PM The Technologies That Betrayed Silk Road's Anonymity
Sunday February 08, 2015 @05:55PM Silk Road Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty After Federal Sting
Saturday February 07, 2015 @09:25AM Canadian Climate Scientist Wins Defamation Suit Against National Post
Thursday February 05, 2015 @06:03PM Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy
Wednesday February 04, 2015 @04:07PM Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty On All 7 Counts In Silk Road Trial
Wednesday February 04, 2015 @02:51PM Dept. of Justice Blesses IEEE Rules On Injunctions and Reasonability
Saturday January 31, 2015 @12:09AM Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape
Friday January 23, 2015 @06:23PM Behind the MOOC Harassment Charges That Stunned MIT
Thursday January 22, 2015 @11:46PM Here Are Ross Ulbricht's Chat Logs and Journal From the Silk Road Trial
Thursday January 22, 2015 @06:25PM Barrett Brown, Formerly of Anonymous, Sentenced To 63 Months
Thursday January 22, 2015 @12:13PM Silk Road Journal Found On Ulbricht's Laptop: "Everyone Knows Too Much"
Thursday January 22, 2015 @08:43AM Silk Road 2.0 Deputy Arrested
Sunday January 18, 2015 @12:57AM Feds Operated Yet Another Secret Metadata Database Until 2013
Friday January 16, 2015 @09:42PM Spanish Judge Cites Use of Secure Email As a Potential Terrorist Indicator
Thursday January 15, 2015 @04:40PM Silk Road Trial Defense: Mt. Gox CEO Was the Real Dread Pirate Roberts
Thursday January 15, 2015 @10:08AM There's a Problem In the Silk Road Trial: the Jury Doesn't Get the Internet
Wednesday January 07, 2015 @09:34PM White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor
Sunday January 04, 2015 @08:24AM Indiana Court Rules Melted Down Hard Drive Not Destruction of Evidence
Thursday January 01, 2015 @06:34PM Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Shrinking Storage Space In iOS 8
Wednesday December 31, 2014 @04:24PM When FISA Court Rejects a Surveillance Request, the FBI Issues a NSL Instead
Monday December 29, 2014 @04:16PM Aereo Gets OK From Bankruptcy Court To Auction Technology Assets
Sunday December 28, 2014 @06:31PM Sony Hack Reveals MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was a Lie
Saturday December 27, 2014 @10:59PM Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices
Friday December 26, 2014 @11:48PM Prosecutors Raid LG Offices Over Alleged Vandalism of Samsung Dishwashers
Thursday December 25, 2014 @10:04PM Federal Judge: Facebook Must Face Suit For Scanning Messages
Wednesday December 24, 2014 @01:43PM Google Motion Denied In Lawsuit Against Mississippi Attorney General
Monday December 22, 2014 @12:09PM Argentine Court Rules Orangutan Is a "Non-Human Person"
Sunday December 21, 2014 @08:40AM Judge: It's OK For Cops To Create Fake Instagram Accounts
Friday December 19, 2014 @06:53PM T-Mobile To Pay $90M For Unauthorized Charges On Customers' Bills
Friday December 19, 2014 @06:20PM All the Evidence the Government Will Present In the Silk Road Trial Is Online
Thursday December 18, 2014 @08:16PM Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
Wednesday December 17, 2014 @04:38PM Google Strikes Deal With Verizon To Reduce Patent Troll Suits
Monday December 15, 2014 @03:58PM Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents
Monday December 15, 2014 @11:11AM The GPLv2 Goes To Court
Saturday December 13, 2014 @01:48PM Former iTunes Engineer Tells Court He Worked To Block Competitors
Friday December 12, 2014 @09:02PM Apple Antitrust Case Finds New Consumer Plaintiff
Thursday December 11, 2014 @12:42PM Canadian Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Warrantless Cellphone Searches