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+ - Cyber Weapons 'Cleaner' but 'Much Worse' than Traditional Weapons->

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DavidGilbert99 writes "Eugene Kaspersky and Mikko Hypponen have been watching the cyber security world every since happy hackers were writing viruses for nothing more than their own entertainment.

Today however things are very much different. At the DLD 2013 conference, the pair debated the current state of cyber warfare and cyber weapons.

Kaspersky said that while cyber weapons may be much "cleaner" than traditional missiles, guns and bombs, they are "much worse" as they can be used by just about anyone who has some level of computer proficiency.

Both agreed that it was very difficult to protect against the highly-complex nation-state developed malware like Stuxnet, Flame and Gauss.

Hypponen said that we are in the "first stages of a cyber-arms race" warning: "I think we've only seen the very beginning of these problems.""

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Cyber Weapons 'Cleaner' but 'Much Worse' than Traditional Weapons

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