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+ - Skype 'Supernodes' Re-engineering may facilitate wiretapping->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Microsoft is re-engineering the architecture of Skype and the hacker community has already started sounding alarms that this change to Skype will enable law enforcements to spy on calls very easily. The matter of discussion here is whether the takeover of Skype by Microsoft was for betterment of the technology underlying the peer-to-peer VoIP service or is there a negative side of this? Skype’s technology is peer to peer VoIP but, the technology used is not purely p2p. It is a semi-distributed p2p network where there are these ‘supernodes’ that are used to connect the two end parties. The technology automatically turns some users into ‘supernodes’. A 2010 outage in Skype’s network was attributed to a software update that didn’t reach all the ‘supernodes’. Microsoft believes that relocating these ‘supernodes’ into its own secure data centres by using dedicated Linux servers would be the ideal way of preventing such outages from happening again."
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Skype 'Supernodes' Re-engineering may facilitate wiretapping

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