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+ - Paying Hacktivist Extorsion 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A friend works as CIO at a medium sized publically traded company. The company was contacted by a hacking group and told to pay $100,000 to prevent their company from being hacked/attacked. They actually paid the extorsion (told authorities after). The authorities said the company could be charged with supporting Terrorists.

Seeing that most publiclly known hacks are costing companies this size nearly a million dollars.

Is this supporting terrorists or supporting stockholders?"
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Paying Hacktivist Extorsion

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  • I seriously doubt there would be a charge against the company for paying extortion money. As far as paying it though, the company is responsible for ensuring their security. Paying off someone doesn't help their situation. If one hacker can do it, there are others that can do the same thing. Even paying off the first doesn't help the situation at all. Who's to say they won't come back a week later and want more money. Hell, they know the company can part with $100k, maybe next time it

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